Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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6 Things to Get Mummy Dearest on Her Most Special of Days

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and you owe it to your mama to get her something pretty snazzy, for once.

Staff Writer

If we were to ask you what you got for the only woman in your life that matters (besides Fifi Abdou) last Mother’s Day, would we get a decent answer? Something you’d be proud to tell? If anything at all? Probably not (we know you and what you’re about). So, seeing as it’s almost that time of the year again, it’s time for you to do your homework on what to get for mama bear. We’ve done you a favour though (as we are wont to do), and found a place where you can do your Mother’s Day shopping all under one rough; this neat little place in Mall of Egypt called Home Centre. So why not pull up a stool and scope out some of our suggestions? Not like you have anything interesting to do.

This Stylish Silver Cogs Worth Clock

You remember Cogsworth, right? That charming little anthropomorphic talking…clock? The one from Beauty and the Beast - that guy was pretty cool. This, however, is his distant (twice removed) cousin, Cogs Worth; a more sedentary fellow than his spry and animated cousin, Cogs here enjoys telling time, staying perfectly still and looking pretty damn hot in clock standards. A perfect gift to give to a more punctual mother.

This sleek, curvaceous Acacia tray

Say there’s company coming over to visit mummy dearest and you just can’t have her putting on a show for them with lacklustre, run-of-the-mill bowls and trays -heavens no! You know what guests like? Chowing down on an assortment of delicious nuts, and do you know where nuts truly belong when they’re not in your belly (or their shells)? On a rustic, aesthetically pleasing authentic Acacia serving tray, where your mum’s visitors can enjoy not one, not two, not fifteen, but three varieties of delicious, nutritious nuts. An exceptional gift to give your gracious host of a mum.

This Dazzling Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Who likes dry air? Masochists do and although your mother might be one on account of the whole 'having to raise you' thing, she definitely does not deserve the ravages of particularly dry atmosphere. That’s where good old Cool Mist comes in to save the day; dispersing an ultra-fine mist of room temperature air to soothe dry skin, breathing problems and all manner of other humidity-related needs. Plus, it’s summer soon so, yeah. The best thing about this thing though? It’s almost noiseless and perfect for any mum with a spot of asthma (or a mum who just enjoys being humid we suppose).

This Space-Age Battery Operated Pepper Mill

A good mother (we’re not defending any stereotypes here) knows her way around a dish and like any self-respecting gourmet knows that you don’t just use pre-ground pepper, that’s a culinary sin. No, friend, only pepper that you grind yourself is worth adding to any dish. So, why not take a load off your mom’s already packed shoulders and take out the manual labour in that equation with a state of the art automatic pepper mill? Not only does it punish those peppercorns with pinpoint precision; you can also use it for salt, what else does a cooking mama need?

This Courteous Double-Sided LED Bathroom Mirror

It’s 2018 already, why are you limiting your mother to a fixed, 2D mirror (we’re not sure how many D’s a mirror has) with frankly poor lighting? Lights and mirrors have a complex relationship, friendo. That’s why you owe it to your mama to get her this ultra-adjustable double mirror; with some spiffy extendable arms for full manipulation, a flipside magnifying mirror for those spots that need a little extra attention and an array of battery operated LEDs to keep the whole thing lit (like your mother’s day bash this Wednesday hopefully), your mother will love you for a little bit longer with this in her lavatory.

This Overwhelmingly Adorable Benetton Nightstand

Just look at this thing, it’s adorable. Just because your mom already has a nightstand, doesn’t mean she can’t have a nicer nightstand, and this ultra-chic and artistically provocative 2-drawer night stand is what your mom needs for her bedroom. Just think about all the stuff she could put on it; her glasses, phone, teeth, gun, pills, whatever, and it has two drawers, son - two whole drawers to put even more stuff in. We don’t even know why we’re trying to sell this to you when it perfectly sells itself (we just bought four of them). So get out there and get your mom a pair, she held you in for nine whole months and you can’t get her a nightstand? Tsk.

This Illustrious Mystique Dining Set

You know what makes a meal truly delicious (besides being, you know, hungry)? The table you're putting it on. Sure, you could be one of those heathens that just eat on the floor or off their desk, but your mother isn't that. Your mother is somebody who deserves to eat on only the finest of modern day aesthetic furnishings, and that's where the Mystique dining set comes in. Look at those curves, those sleek shiny bits (shiny bits make everything better), and we're not even going to talk about the colour scheme (we're too stunned). This is a table fit for a queen, and your mother, above any other (even your brother), is a queen among serfs.

These are just simple examples of what Home Centre has on offer; with a massive collection of quality furniture, accessories and appliances all up for grabs for the modern homemaker, you’ll definitely find something you’ll grow attached to. So go check out their website, Facebook page and Instagram for a better idea of what they have, and if you can spare the effort (you better), head to either of their branches in Cairo Festival City and Mall of Egypt.