Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Take a Bullet for Your Mama This Mother's Day, Courtesy of Jude Benhalim

The empowering designer is back with a revamped collection.

Staff Writer

Every mother’s day, we’re plagued with the same dilemma of trying to one-up our dads in getting mama a gift that is equally personal as it is elegant. And obviously,  imprinting our hands on a piece of clay isn't as cute as it was when were were six. It's all good though, because Jude Benhalim has given us the best of both worlds - expensive yet personal - with her latest designs.

Founded in 2011, Jude Benhalim's jewelry has always given its clientele a touch of traditional merged with modern. Her most recent collection, Bullet is an ode to one of the inspirations in her life and her business partner, her mother along with mothers all over the world. Embodying a feminine strength, and an edge unique to Benhalim's designs, this collection is adorned with resin stones. The element used in resin stones are the same crack-proof materials that are used to build driveways and pave pathways. Not unlike our mothers, who've seen us through our worst and been the epitome of strength for us.  

Having already made waves with her last line, Digital Citizen, Benhalim is well-versed in what makes a trend. Digital citizen - a huge hit - was basically the young designer's vision if she were to materialize the concept of technology and make it wearable. And just as she's done with her previous line, Benhalim strikes again with a pinpoint depiction of what it means to be a mother. And for her Bullet collection, she's making all the moms out there look cutting edge, which they already are on the inside anyway. 

Fashioning silver sharms and hand-pierced calligaphry on the Bullet collection, the thoughts going in to her line are a unique expression of bold strength, which Benhalim has been an example of throughout her career. Having found her success after a creative design project in high-school was received with immense success, The Cairo-based designer embarked in the fashion world. That's not without the support and contribution of her mother. 

Benhalim’s brand finds much of its inspiration in the strong women inhabiting her life, with her mother being the leading one.  

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