Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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MasterPeace; The Answer to World Conflicts

Finally, an organisation has an effective ongoing plan to effectively counteract the madness of this world. MasterPeace is the future.

Staff Writer

MasterPeace; The Answer to World Conflicts

It’s all so overwhelming. Just as the world begins to despair amongst the irresolvable conflict taking over like a virus, a ray of hope breaks through the dark impregnated clouds.

If you don’t read the news, it’s all over Facebook. Actually it is all over everything from social media to discussions over tea; the refugee crisis is soaring, people are eliminating one another out, corrupt governments are violating human rights. How does one stand up in the face of all that?

Yes, many people are trying to help, by giving donations, sharing posts on Facebook, pressing the Like button, all redundant acts of passive compassion.

It is high time we take actual action, and take our world back. But how?

MasterPeace tells us exactly what to do with their latest ground breaking campaign, ‘Be a Nelson’, the idea of which is based on the fact that those directly affected by crisis, need more than money, asylum, compassion and Facebook Likes, in order to maintain a sustainable existence as a human being. In a nutshell, they need you.


The fastest growing peace movement of the world, is literally picking up pace and empowering individual citizens all over the world to take matters into their own hands rather than be a victim, or a passive spectator.

They built a massive community and network of writers, artists, musicians, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and any citizen who has anything to give to help. Literally effective in about 46 countries, most of which are conflict inflicted, people are working individually to eradicate the madness from within the society itself, rather than wait for their ineffective governments (often the source of conflict) to take action.

MasterPeace started out right here in Cairo in 2011, with offices in Utrecht and  New Mexico. Founders, Egyptian Mohamed Helmy and Dutch Ilco Van Der Linde, were just awarded the prestigious Luxembourg Peace Prize for ‘Outstanding Peace Organisation’. This will be their fourth international award.

The organisation is simply phenomenal. All you need to do is help with what you’re talented at, or what you do, or even just a part of you in any form.

Check out their website, Facebook Page, follow them on Twitter @masterpeace2014, and on Instagram @masterpeace21.9