Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Know Your Hash

With hash being illegal, it is impossible to ensure consistent good quality that is regulated by the government protecting the consumer. So here's how you know your hash. Once you find your match, never let that dealer go.

Staff Writer

Anyone who smokes hashish knows that it can differ wildly every time you pick up, even if it's from the same dealer. While the drug is among the most used in Egypt, how much do we really know about it? And how are we sure we're getting a good deal? First of all, never judge by colour. Hash comes in many colours from shades of brown to shades of green to black.

Test 1

So the general rule is, the minute you score, touch it and press on it. The more it crumbles between your fingers, releasing an aromatic scent, the more genuine it is. Most pieces in Egypt tend to be quite hard however, (Egyptian touch as always) and have proven to be quite alright at times. So what you could try, is test number two below.

Test 2

Chip off a tiny piece and put it in an ashtray, then pass fire from a lighter through it. The faster it catches the fire, the better the quality. Once it does catch fire let it burn for like two seconds then blow it out. It should glow at the edges like coal releasing a nice aroma and pale smoke. Black smoke is bad! If it fails to catch fire at all…well…either don’t use that dealer again, or call them up and calmly tell them that you won’t be buying from them again. Some will love to reimburse you, or replace the piece to secure future deals. If that’s the case, you might actually score something way better and ensure consistency in the future. Others won’t care. It’s worth the try though.  Don’t tell them about any tests you did. They are so creative and will come up with endless explanations.

If however it does catch fire, the left over ash should be white and surrounded by light coloured oil. The more the oil and the lighter its colour the better the deal you have. Less oil and dark colours indicate it’s full of rubbish. This could be literal.

Now there is a trick. If the hash is from Lebanon or Morocco, it will be both hard and hard to set fire to.

Test 3

Now this is the real, detrimental test you should be doing and relying on. It is fool proof.

Smoke it.

Smoke a joint and don’t rely on smell alone, though it is a good indicator sometimes. It should taste smooth without scratching against the back of your throat. You should get a nice steady high, that lasts for a long time, and you should have a nice dumb smile on your face to go with it. If the high goes away soon, that’s not good, it might be mixed with other earthy things such as tree leaves and sawdust. If you get paranoid, then there might be Ketamine or Tramadol in it. Also, you should never get a headache from it, unless you smoked too much and drank no water.

If however, you simply overdose because you smoked too much too fast (everyone has their tolerance levels after all), you can never tell if you overdid it or if it was mixed with other cheap drugs. So use others as your test. Or juts smoke another one the next day with half the quantity in double the time.

Meanwhile, to deal with an overdose, don’t panic. Breathe in deeply and lower your head. You will probably break into a cold sweat. Don’t panic. Just calm down, breathe, and drink water. If you could, curl up somewhere in a comfortable position. Some people get more paranoid when closing their eyes so try to focus on something like a blank wall. Avoid paintings and bulky furniture. The most important things is to take in long deep breaths, and always be with trusted friends. If you’re alone, call a calm friend or text someone. If someone goes through this and you’re ok….just be calm…give them water, and ask them what they need.

Then go eat.

Disclaimer: Being caught with hash or consuming it can get you a maximum of ten years prison sentence in Egypt in theory.