Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Top 10 Arab Mummy Bloggers

So we have music blogs, the ever-expanding fashion blogger phenomenon and we all check out Tumblr every once in a while, but these blogs are dedicated to the most beautiful thing of them all...

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Top 10 Arab Mummy Bloggers

Motherhood has its challenges and its rewards, and sharing stories about the journey is what these mamas do best. Yes, it's not just fashion bloggers, you guys. Mummy bloggers exist too and their blogging game is strong! We scoured the Arab world for some of the best blogs on the Internet for mums looking for work-life balance, parenting and lifestyle advice...or even a few good laughs.

Hana El-Awadi - Freckles'N'Fro


"We all want to be the best mother we can be. Whether your the cool and stylish mum, the working woman or the exercise addict, we all have one thing in common, the kids." With two little cutey-patotey rascals on her hand, El-Awadi will teach you how to raise children between spaces and identities. 

Ya Maamaa

 “How do I explain to her how I both love and hate the abaya? How when she is older she will also wear an abaya when she is here and not wear one when we travel?”. These and many other questions explain why Ya Maamaa is such a popular website on Saudi-style parenting: she is authentic. You will adore the rhythms of her writing, and fall in love with her kids.

Jailan Heidar - Early Years Parenting

 Created by an Egyptian native based in Amsterdam, this blog includes resources that are available for parents in Cairo, as she is specialised in parent-child relationships and young children’s behaviour by profession.

 Heide Raeside - Tuesday's Child


"My blog is a celebration of the smart, stylish motherhood inspiring me every day in the UAE. It covers everything that is fun and beautiful about being a mum – and none of the practicalities that we could spend too long Googling." Raeside is an expat mum living in Dubai that makes fashion meet mummy-hood.

 Moms Talk


Moms Talk is Abu Dhabi’s first collective of mum (and mums-to-be) bloggers. Oh, and one dad. They are Emirati. Expat. Hold corporate jobs. Work part-time. Stay at home. Some are done having kids. Some haven’t started yet. Currently, one is pregnant. Basically, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about parenting from them. 

Corrine - Mommy in Dubai


"My goal is to make your life as a parent/parent-to-be/tourist easier in this ever growing and changing cosmopolitan city." Not only does Corinne make the lives of every single mum in Dubai easier, but she also won Time Out's Kids Awards. 

Yasmine El-Mehairy - Super Mama


"When my sister in-law announced that she was pregnant, that day SuperMama was born too." Having grown her website, dedicated to Arab mothers and the perils of modern parenthood, into a $3.5 million business, El-Mehairy is literally the Super Mama!  

 Nour El-Sherbiny - Satisfashion By SN


She is a social influencer, she blogs about fashion AND parenting. Follow her snaps for mumspiration on how to look like a model even when you have a bun in the oven.

Ana 7amel 


"We are an Egyptian maternity club, aiming to spread awareness among mothers-to-be and new mothers, helping them to be happy and confident during their pregnancy and early motherhood stage." From taking care of yourselves to what to eat, things to avoid and more. If it's about pregnancy, then Ana 7amel know what's up!

 Sarah Taha - Suechic


From planning events to fashion blogging, giving advice to mummies on what to wear and where to get it and more. We honestly don't know how Taha does it all. HOW DO YOU DO IT YA SUECHIC? Find out on her blog.