Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Medium Pyramid in Upper Egypt to Get User-Friendly Makeover in New Renovation Project

The second pyramid to have been built after Djoser's step pyramid will now be more accessible.

Staff Writer

The Meidum Pyramid, located in Beni Sueif, will be undergoing the Meidum Pyramid project, which involves a series of development steps in order to make its interior more tourist-friendly, according to the Ministry of Antiquities.

The quirky pyramid, which has been in a state of poor condition for some time, will now have an added wooden staircase leading to the elevated entrance of the pyramid. The Ministry of Antiquities also plans to renovate the pyramid’s gate, the funerary temple entrance gate, and the Mastaba No. 17 doorways. Information panels well also be available with both Arabic and English translations, as well as garbage bins, making the destination much more tourist-friendly.

The Meidum Pyramid is said to be the second pyramid built after Djoser’s step pyramid. Several expansions and reconstructions have caused construction errors to the Pyramid, hence making it essential to renovate the cube-shaped structure situated atop a small hill of sand.

Main image from Nymphette India.