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When in Sahel: How Misr Italia Properties Brought the Ultimate Summer Experience to the North Coast

Misr Italia Properties were all over Sahel Season - and there's more to come.

So here we are, at the end of another Sahel Season, as the impending loom of Egypt’s surprisingly wet and cold winter months beckon us to give-up and give into the darkness. Sigh. Yes, ladies and gentlemen summer is fading away, but it’s certainly left us with plenty of memories on the North Coast, thanks in part to Misr Italia Properties.

How does one of Egypt’s biggest real estate developers make a mark on Sahel Season, we here you ask? Well, rather unexpectedly, Misr Italia Properties left its mark on the summer quite spectacularly, hosting a (sand) bucket load of events, activities and just random fun, which offered something for everyone, at the fittingly lovely Hacienda White.

Adding a new dimension to the usual beach then nap then go out in the evening Sahel cycle, one of the highlight’s of Misr Italia Properties’ activities included its rather fab Day in Sicily party, which brought the tastes, sights and sounds of the Italian island to a VIP night of music, dancing, food and drink.

Away from nightlife, Misr Italia Properties also served up a little slice of art on the beach, with a spectacular sculpture garden that touched on the developer’s own appreciation of the finer things in life. Hosted in collaboration with art consultancy firm, Adsum Art, some of the country's most talented artists threw their two cents in for what made for quite the unique sight.

It was very much a family affair, too, however, with the Chosen Family Experience also standing out as a unique activation. Essentially offering randomly chosen families a day of luxury pampering, the surprise weekend activation certainly added smiles to the faces of unsuspecting sun-worshipers, who indulged in freebies and gifts, as well as Nespresso on the beach, and Formula Onederful's fruitiest treats. This all came in addition to a host of special children’s activities throughout the summer, too, including special art classes by SOMA Art, which gave the little ones a chance to unleash their creativity.


Fitness was also on the menu, with the likes of TD Athletics and Aquafit holding special sports and fitness classes, as yoga sessions – all complimentary. They really had every detail covered - beachgoers were able to rent speakers and charging units, got plenty of beach giveaways and even had golf carts pick them up. Yeah, Misr Italia Properties is fancy. And of course, no beach escapade is ever complete without some ice cream, so Rigoletto and 4 Degrees saw to making that happen - and they sure did shoot for the moon. Oh and did we mention the massage tent by Boutique Spa? Ahhh, take us back.

But worry not, there’s plenty more to come throughout the rest of the year – we’re just not quite sure what yet. We’d take ice cream and a massage any time, any place, just in case anyone from Misr Italia Properties is reading…

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All images by MO4 Network.