Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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This Mosque Now Accepts Donations in Bitcoin

While imams are banning and halalin' bitcoin left and right, this one mosque is now taking donations in cryptocurrency.

Staff Writer

This Mosque Now Accepts Donations in Bitcoin

According to Reuters, a London mosque is officially one of the first in the world to accept donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency like Ethereum.

Want to start a debate? Just say the word Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in a room full of people, and watch chaos ensue. Some will tell you it’s the future of currency, while others believe it’s a bubble that will eventually burst and disappear.

The Shacklewell Lane Mosque in Dalston seems to belong to the first group, and is really benefiting from the situation – so far, donations have doubled this year to more than £10,000.

There seems to be some discussion in the Muslim world regarding cryptocurrency. Egypt’s Grand Mufti said that Bitcoin is not allowed according to Islamic law, but the Imam in this London mosque doesn’t seem to agree. “Bitcoin is like any other currency. It’s... accepted by a group of people .. We ourselves are not trading. We are not involved. We are a charity,” Adeyemi told Reuters. He insists that this makes it really simple for the donor as it only takes the click of a button to transfer funds, while in the mosque’s perspective, it opens a new stream of donations from all over the world.

Main image from Delta Digit