Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Mummified Woman in Unopened Sarcophagus Dating Back 3000 Years Unveiled

The well-preserved mummy is thought to date back 3000 years.

Staff Writer

Egypt unveiled, for the first time in front of international media, an unopened sarcophagus which was unearthed earlier this month in Luxor by a French-led mission, reports Reuters.

The sarcophagus, which was found in a necropolis on the Western bank of the Nile in El-Asasef, contained the well-preserved mummy of a woman. Found alongside another sarcophagi, Minister of Antiquities Khaled Anani adds that one dates back to the 17th dynasty, while the other dates back to the 18th dynasty. Egyptian authorities have already opened and analysed the second sarcophagus.  

The discovery of the tomb of priest, Thaw-Irkhet-if, who oversaw the mummification shrines, was announced earlier in the day and is said to have been found in the same area as the sarcophagus.  

Found in the tomb were 5 coloured masks and 1000 Ushabti statues which are figurines placed with the deceased in order to accompany them to the afterlife. The tomb which dates back to middle-kingdom is believed to have been reused in the late period. 

Images from Reuters and EPA.