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Lebanese Singer Myriam Fares Sparks Outrage with ‘Racist Video’

Myriam Fares thought it a good idea to get body-painted in black in an Africa-themed video. The internet didn't agree.

Myriam Fares Goumi Video

Garnering over two million views in just four days, Myriam Fares' video for new song, Goumi, which is an explicit call to women to get up and dance and 'show them that beauty, girl!', proved a massive success, at least for those who like Khaliji songs. We soon found out, however, that the lyrics should be the least of our concerns.

The video starts with snappy shots from what appears to be an African tribal set, before quickly moving on to the songstress giving us some Shakira realness - so far, so good. Well, not quite. She seems to be covered in white powder. It's weird, but ok. What isn't ok is when things (and colours) escalated very quickly and  suddenly, Fares appears in blackface. Definitely not ok.

The upbeat video ends with her glamorously posing while surrounded by models, some of which are actually, authentically black who are basically used as props to compliment the theme. The question begs itself: how is it that one of the Arab world's biggest pop stars can display such a lack of cultural sensitivity? Or even worse, isn't even aware there was an issue?

The incident naturally sent shockwaves among her fans - in addition to anyone with a working understanding of how racism works, and that other races' cultures, heritages, and distinctive physical features are not mere accessories for entertainment purposes. Here's what some very angry people had to say. 

Until now, the singer hasn't issued any comments on the controversy, which is slowly but surely picking up steam...