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New Balance is Giving Away 10 Tickets for Liverpool Matches at Malls Around Egypt

Two lucky winners were given their Liverpool match tickets by Mido himself, and you could be next.

New Balance Premier League

A good sneaker is hard to come by. It's not about what looks the coolest, because a sneaker is much more than looks, even though they also matter. The aforementioned is why exactly we got very excited by New Balance's arrival to Egypt. The ultimate sneaker brand, which was previously just a distant dream for Egyptian sneaker-holics, launched in Egypt early this year and have since opened a second store in Mall of Egypt, which is where some shenanigans went down last week which will leave every football fanatic in awe.

Plain and simple, anyone who makes a purchase with over EGP 5K from New Balance will enter a draw to win a trip to.... THE UK! Even better, they'll get premium tickets to a Liverpool match, still all covered by New Balance, which is in Egypt under the umbrella of Baraka Retail Group.

Even if making it to a Liverpool match has never been a dream of yours, in which case you're crazy, you still get massive discounts by taking part in New Balance's Shoot Your Discount activation, in which all you have to do is shoot a ball into a hole. If you score, you get a discount.The jaw-dropping activation launched in Mall of Egypt last week, and Ahmed Hossam (Mido) showed up himself to give away two tickets to Liverpool match at Anfield this December 2nd. Picture this, not only did they win, but Mido himself gave them the winning tickets.They were definitely in luck, but with ten more tickets up for grabs, any of us could be the next lucky bastard to make it to the UK with New Balance, so stay tuned to their Instagram to find out where the next draw will take place.

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