Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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This Veteran Dentist Championing Medical Tourism in Hurghada is Now in Cairo

The Ortho-Dons over at Primadent have decades of dental & medical tourism experience between them, and now you don’t have to go too far for it.

Staff Writer

Few things on this humble Earth of ours are as painful as dental pain (getting shot comes 2nd), and though dentists tend to have somewhat of an ominous reputation, they’re actually quite the iconic figures. Who else can (literally) yank the unfathomable pain of tooth decay out of your jaw? Not a great many people. However, there’s said to be a place in Hurghada that bumps the tooth game up a notch; a veritable den of dashing dentists and medical masters, where cavities run far away and gingiva glow bright, pink and shiny.

That place is Primadent, and you don’t have to go all the way to Hurghada (unless you want to) to get your mouth all sorted out; they’re now fully operational in Zamalek, and their doors are always open for the dentally-downtrodden among us.


“I already have a dentist. What makes these guys any better?” Fair point, Dalia, but give us a moment to tell you why your teeth deserve an upgrade; these folks have been pioneers in Egyptian medical tourism, serving throngs of ailing tourists and vacationers from all corners of the earth, and not once have they received a complaint. Nothing puts a damper on your seaside escape than a wicked wisdom tooth, but not anymore. Thanks to the hard-earned expertise of Doctors Ahmed Ali Hassan; a Qasr Al Aini graduate and a Cairene at heart, the good doctor has garnered a considerable amount of experience from around the waking world, earning himself a coveted implantology degree at the University of Tolouse (and spending a stint in Paris to boot). With Dr. Ahmed at the helm, along with his top-tier team of dental magicians, Primadent is essentially your one-stop chomper-shop.

“We pride ourselves for doing everything by the book, to the letter and by the numbers. We’ve studied and worked around the world, and we’ve been working well through thick and thin, ever since 2005.” Dr. Ahmed had told us, adding “Honesty is the best policy, and we make sure to tell all our patients about everything involved with the procedure; margin of error, possible side effects, before and after, everything.”

Afraid of the ever-dreaded root canal? Put those worries to rest; with just one short, sweet and painless visit, and access to some of the funkiest dental tech out there, the doctors will sort you out like nobody else. Need a fresh coat of paint for those not-so-pearly whites? Swing by your local Primadent clinic for all sorts of aesthetic magic; laser whitening, porcelain laminate veneers and custom-made composite restorations. Got something that needs a surgeon’s touch? Dr. Ahmed can see you through with his broad range of experience with all varieties of oral surgery, he can yank out bad teeth, fix up the broken ones and even make you bona-fide custom implants. What more can you ask for?

Feel like pimping out your pearly whites? Check out Primadent’s website & Facebook page, shoot them an email on, or give them a call on +201203880007.