Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Historical Palace in Helwan to be Transformed Into a Cultural Centre

Princess Khadija's palace is getting a huge makeover.

Staff Writer

According to Egypt Independent, Cairo governor Atef Abd El Hamid and Biblioteca Alexandria have signed a deal to transform the Khadija Palace into a cultural center and a religions civilization museum.

This is no small project. According to the Cairo governor, the renovation will cost a whopping EGP 28 million, which is not exactly surprising considering its massive size. The 500-square meter palace houses 50 halls, which is not including the main hall that accommodates an additional 120 people.

The historical palace was initially built in 1895, until Princess Khadija decided to donate it to the Ministry of Health and Population to turn it into a hospital.

During the monarchy, Princess Khadija was known to be one of the most liberal ladies of the court; participating in many benefit and cultural events. Even when Egypt’s constitutional monarchy was displaced - which meant losing all her titles - she decided to stay in Egypt and work on painting and attractive custom jewellery.