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Egypt's Streets to Be Completely Garbage-Free in 3 Months, Announces Government Official

Sounds too good to be true.


Unfortunately, walking along the streets of Cairo, you must have to be Stevie Wonder not to see the piles of trash just dumped on the side of the roads.

The problem is more than just the fact that it makes our streets much uglier, they’re a potential health hazard too. Today, we let out a big gasp  of relief - as well as skepticism TBH - as spokesman for the Ministry of Local Development Khaled Kassem said that the rubbish polluting the streets of Egypt will be completely removed within three months, afterwards a comprehensive cleaning system will be put in place, added Kassem, according to Egypt Today.

Recently, Egypt has been taking the garbage and waste management problem more seriously than it usually did, with several initiatives to curb this issue. On May 31, Environment Minister Khaled Fahmy announced that EGP 300 million would be used to implement the new waste system in Kafr Al Sheikh.

Also, the Cabinet has also approved to build a waste treatment plant in Al-Wafaa Wal Amal in Cairo. Aside from treatment plants, “Enough Plastic Bags” has been initiated, a program distributing 4,500 non-woven bags as an alternative to traditional non-recycled plastic bags, which are extremely detrimental to beautiful Mother Earth. It's worth noting that a more effective solution to the plastic crisis would be to ban giving away free plastic bags at local stores, a system which has proven to be successful all over the developed world.

Solid waste management has been a huge challenge for Cairo municipality. Most of the present waste management is causing serious ecological and public health problems, with the city producing more than 15,000 tons of solid waste every day, a worrying problem for the city’s infrastructure.