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2 Egyptian Sculptors Win Prestigious Awards at Art Contest in China

The two gifted sculptors represent the Egyptian art scene in a positive light in China.

scupture exhibition

In a touch of artsy news today, Egyptian sculptors Ahmed Magdy and Mostafa Khedr have won third and fourth place in an art contest and exhibition in China, the Environmental Sculpture Ceramic Art Contest AKA “The Cup of Ruci Town of China”, according to Ahram.

The contest and exhibition begun on the 27th of October, inviting international sculptors, potters, writers, art institutions and student artists, who can participate individually or as a collective.

Ahmed Magdy’s winning piece is called “Waiting for Fate”, a larger-scale granite version of what he presented at the Aswan International Sculpture Symposium last year.

The concept is around a cone shape with wings, with the form of a spinning top. You can imagine the top spinning faster and faster, until it creates its own wings. It is ready to fly but stays tilting forward, which can be related to one’s life.

Mostafa Khedr, a graduate of the Faculty of Specialized Education in Cairo has won fourth place with his piece called “To the Horizon”, an abstracted human form part of his “Converts” collection. The abstracted human figure is elongated and graceful, and seems like it’s falling from a stand like a cascading waterfall.

Main image from Facebook