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Alexandria to Build its Own Version of Al-Moez Street in January

Alexandria's Al-Moez street will include clubs for musical concerts, shops and restaurants.

Moez Street

Chairman of Alexandria’s Travel Agencies Association, Ali al-Manesterly said on Monday that a touristic street similar to Cairo’s Al-Moez street would be established by the committee develop the seaside city's tourism sector.

The construction work is set to start in January 2019 and the committee has already reached out to sponsors to construct the street which will be made up of clubs for musical concerts, shops and restaurants offering Italian, Greek and Egyptian cuisines.

Al-Moez street is one of the oldest streets in Cairo and boasts of remarkable historical buildings ranging from different eras including the time of the Fatimids, the Ottomans, the Mamluks and others. Having one of the highest concentration of medieval architecture in the Islamic world according to a UN study, Al-Moez street has the second largest mosque in Cairo. In between all the historical architecture and Islamic art, the street is abundant in old cafes, shops, kiosks, and carts.

Manesterly noted that in 2018, 33% of Alexandria’s hotel rooms were occupied by tourists from the United states, Italy, China and Japan, with the highest number being Chinese tourists.

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