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Egyptian Tech Company SICO Announces Tablet for Less than EGP 2,000

You no longer have to sell an arm and a leg. Woohoo!

Mohamed Salem, Chairman of the Egyptian Silicon Industries Co. (E-SICO), has officially announced that they will be releasing Egypt’s first locally-manufactured tablet on Monday—the SICO Express 3.

Not surprised yet? Well, in addition to Egypt finally manufacturing and producing electronics locally, Salem also said in a statement that the tablet will be sold at stores at the cost of EGP 1,149—compared to iPads sold at over EGP 15,000.

The tablet, named Sico Express 3, was partly manufactured in Assiut—45 percent of it, to be exact—which plays a major contribution to the cheap price its sold at. Salem said in a statement to Youm7 that 10,000 tablets will officially be launched in the market within two weeks.

SICO previously launched the Nile X, Egypt's first locally-produced smartphone in December last year, successfully exporting it to other Arab and African countries.