Saturday June 10th, 2023
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TBS is Trying to Get 'Cronafa' into the English Dictionary

The Bakery Shop's pièce de Ramadan résistance has taken desserts in a whole new weird and wacky direction - but it's here to stay.

Staff Writer

Every year, Egypt’s bakeries, confectioners and delicatessens rub their hands in glee in the run-up to Ramadan as they concoct the next big hybrid dessert. We’ve seen all manner of mishmash over the last few years - some being more successful than others - but this year, we think we might have an early winner.

Never ones to shy away from throwing caution to the wind and dabbling in a little gastronomic experimentation, the diabolical madmen parading as bakers at TBS (The Bakery Shop) are serving up their most outrageous dessert yet this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, say misa2 el kheir ya sokar to…*drumroll*… the Cronafa!

Yes, kids, TBS’s most cray-cray of creations brings together the buttery, French delicateness of a croissant (sacré bleu!) with the sweet, crunchy bite of an Egyptian konafa (aywa ba2a!).

The crown jewel of the TBS crown is really quite straightforward and proves that, when it comes to food, simple is beautiful. Essentially, the croissant is wrapped snuggly inside a layer of konafa and it comes in four flavours: Cream & Pistachio, Nutella & Nuts, Dates & Lotus biscuit and Halawa & Sesame.

Having first seen the light of day just two days into Ramadan, the innovative Cronafa has already been something of a hit at TBS branches across Cairo and Alexandria, sending many a sweet-toothed Egyptian into a post-Iftar coma. Already a registered trademark, TBS has even launched a campaign and petition to get ‘Cronafa’ added to the English dictionary, to stand alongside other recent entries such as selfie, twerk and hangry in the pantheon of words that aren’t really words, but are words because that’s just the world we live in.

But they need your help. So tonight, get yourself one or two (or three or four, because you have to try all the flavours, obvs) Cronafas and head over to to sign TBS’s petition – for you, for all of us, for Egypt. Ta7ya Cronafa.

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