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This Egyptian Brand’s Winter Kids’ Fashion Shoot is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Get ready to say awwwwww.

Tea Party Apparel

After giving birth a couple of years ago, Egyptian marketer, Heba El Gebaly, found the lack of genuinely fashionable clothes for children in Egypt to be extremely limiting. All she could find for her baby daughter in the market was either too basic or resembling adult fashion to a fault.

Her solution was simple; launch a kids fashion brand herself. With her marketing and advertising background, Heba launched Tea Party Apparel late last year for kids aged zero to six, with her summer 2018 collection meeting instant success."My brand is all about letting kids be kids," she tells CairoScene. "I really didn't like dressing my daughter in something that just seemed like a smaller version of what an adult would wear. "My brand is mainly for babies and toddlers, aged 0 to 6 years. I wanted to focus on babies who are younger than 6 years because good options for that age group are especially lacking in the market."Even the name, Tea Party Apparel, is a tribute to pre-iPhone times where kids used to actually get together and play rather than glued to smart screens at all times.

Finding inspiration in her daughter, Nayla, Heba ventured into uncharted territory with cute, colourful prints and comfy fabrics. After its initial success, the brand is back with its winter collection, which also sees the launch of the brand's first boy's collection."My winter collection comprises two kinds of attires; very comfy, casual wear that would work well for any preschoolers; and the fancier, more elegant yet age appropriate pieces for special occasions." Adorbs.

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