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Testa Rossa: The Charming Heliopolis Cafe Serving Cairo's Best Italian Coffee

Mamma mia.

coffee mug

Did you know that some major international coffee houses don't exist in Italy? Why do you think that is? There is truly no comparison with Italian coffee, and though many cafés try to mask as authentic Italian, the quality’s just not there, but Testa Rossa at Concorde Salam Hotel in Cairo has really nailed it.   

Just a whiff of their coffee from outside will have you walking in there like you were hypnotised, and the cute yet classy décor and homely ambiance will make you glad you did.

The contemporary décor gives off a sense of harmony, perfect for breakfast, with a vast menu including sandwiches, but also main courses, pasta, pizza, appetizers, salads, and desserts. It feels totally authentic, but without trying too hard.  

If you’re into delicious, authentic Italian coffee as well as their food and pastries (who isn’t?) there’s a good chance Testa Rossa becomes your local food get away. Highly recommended is their imported cremosito, especially as it’s not found in many places, and Testa Rossa have got it spot on.

The outside patio, overlooking a beautiful garden is a pleasant addition to this charming trendy café, with a view of horses galloping in the wind.


Testa Rossa hospitality can be felt all the way to the friendly staff, who will welcome you with open arms, and who are never too far to fulfill your greatest desires. I mean, that might be an exaggeration, but they are never too far in case you can't resist that second cremosito your waistline's begging you not to order.

Finally, football buffs will be happy to hear that they can watch Salah tear it up at Testa Rossa, as they show all international football matches.

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