Monday December 11th, 2023
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The Everlasting Thrill; Marassi's Summer Festival

Let go of everything, including your inhibitions, and go get a feel of what it means to have adrenaline shooting through your body!

Staff Writer

So it’s hot as hell. What you want to do is be by the beach. In fact what you really want to do is party like an animal. You don’t want to sit and swelter in the sun, and drown in your own sweat thinking to yourelf why anyone ever thought this would be fun. No. You need something different. Something massive. A thrill. A god damn festival! And it just so happens that Marassi’s beach clubhouse is hosting the Marassi Summer Festival, an all day summer festival to make this weekend happen, y’all! Hit the clubhouse at 1pm on Friday 21 August, and get into the groove.

No music beats a live performance. So guess who’s performing live? No one gets a crowd into an epileptic frenzy like your one and only Neobyrd! And who else can bring the ever rhythmic beats of Rock and Roll to your hips that are aching to sway the day away like Screw Driver?

Oh and it just keeps getting so much better… basically you just completely lose yourself (in a good, pleasurable way) amongst the sensual breathtaking extravaganza of the colour festival. Playing is something people have forgotten to do. Seriously, you can’t just hold on to your drink and stand at the edge of circles thumping your feet, trying to have a good time and look nonchalant and cool. We’ve got news for you. That is so not cool. Go play your fucking heart out. Throw colour balls at people you don’t know, and get covered in colours yourself (yes it washes off easily in the sea…don’t be an anal cynic…let yourself go!) It’s a dream world with kites everywhere, and the ever sensational rainfall!

Your adrenalin will be rushing left and right and shooting up to the stars.

Parties are so yesterday. This is a mass scale freaking festival baby! Only club card owners can attend. So if you don’t have a bloody club card, get one!