Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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Drug Smuggler in Egypt Parks Half a Tonne of Hidden Cannabis in Front of Police Station

Situational awareness isn't really in the job description it seems...

Staff Writer

In what can either pass as the single worst faux-pas in drug running history, or the purest act of selflessness in the war on drugs, an entire lorry (truck for you cowboys) loaded with 60 tonnes of sinful bango (Egyptian low-grade cannabis) was seized by the police after heroically finding it parked right in front of their station. Yes.

The officers of Ismailia’s El-Qantara police station were bewildered upon finding the vehicle completely unattended outside their station, loaded to the limit with 95 bags of sealed cement bags. After informing their headquarters of the ominous vehicle, they went in to examine its cargo, only to find that each bag contained two hefty “rolls” of the illicit substance. The truck (and its party favours) are currently in the possession of the authorities, but what of the perpetrator?

Source: Youm7

Preliminary poking around revealed that the vehicle’s owner is a 51-year-old housewife, and the truck was never reported as stolen or even missing. This leads us here at CairoScene to believe there might be two conclusions; either the “housewife” was just the truck’s owner on paper to avoid any legalities, or throw law enforcement off the real dealer’s trail should it be discovered, or the woman may have discovered this heinous act, and instead of bothering the police to get to their hideout (or perhaps to avoid any real confrontation), she delivered the goods straight to them, in an effort to reach a middle-ground. In any case, drugs are bad.

Main photo from Egypt Independent.

Edit: The previous title stated that it was 60 tonnes of cannabis, when it was only 500 kilograms concealed in 60 tonnes of cement bags. We apologise for the mistake and are flogging our writer as we speak.