Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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You Do YOU: New Mobile Photography Campaign Invites Egypt's Youth to Express Themselves

Egyptian photographer, Ahmed Hayman, and mobile phone brand, realme, have teamed up for a unique campaign.

Staff Writer

Five years ago, there was no ‘alternative’ in Egypt. Anything and everything different to the norm was banished to the underground, away from prying eyes and the judgemental gaze of parents whose dream is for you to become a doctor/engineer/(insert typical Egyptian career path here).

But over the last few years, Egypt’s youth have begun to find their voice, nay voices, something that realme 3 is throwing its weight behind with a new campaign with photographer extraordinaire, Ahmed Hayman. But let us take you back a year, when realme was but a concept in the mind of the China-based company's founder, Sky Li. The concept was built to "integrate strong performance and stylish design, bringing young people a joyful life featuring affordable technology and beauty. WHich is where this new campaign comes in - one that carries the tagline Power Your Style, which fits snugly into the brand's tagline 'Proud to Be Young'.

Pushing Egyptian youth to be creative, the new device – which is building on the runaway success of the reasonably-priced, innovative and edgy mobile phone brand – caters to the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of young Egyptian creativity, by offering a range of different modes to cater for different situations, including modes such as night mode, selfie mode and, even more interesting, night safe and chroma boost modes to add some pop to the usually more difficult photography situations.

But this is not to say that these features compromise quality and technology. Launched on April 22nd, the realme 3, for one, uses a Helio P60 processer, the first handset in its price range to do so. Other notable features of the handset include a 4230mAh battery, which works in tandem with CorePilot 4 and AI Power Master with built-in ColorOS 6.0 to give users optimum power and battery management. For more efficient performance, the phone uses a more advanced 12mm structure, with a Malie-G72 GPU and a Octa-Core CPU. The powerful AI works of a 525MHz APU+NeuroPilot - which, in technical terms, actually reaches higher benchmarks than a certain phone that has a certain apple on the back of it.

But here’s the real reason we’ve gathered you all here today.  So committed is realme3 to backing Egypt’s youth that it’s giving them a chance to get their hands on realme 3 with a special competition that asks entrants to get creative, express themselves and show their talent through the medium of photography.

All you have to do is show your talent, whatever it might be, and take a video or still image of it. Post it on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #دوس_بطريقتك #ريلمى_3_معدى_بمراحل #PowerYourStyle, while tagging realme Egypt. Parkour? Rapping? Art? Whatever it is, do it, film it, post it- but before Sunday 21st of April, the day before the official launch, when the competition will end. Need some inspiration? Scroll down.

Farah Emara: I like to explore this world by brush and pigment. They always help me know new friends and see this world from a new angle.

Yorok: Where is right place and what is right way to play football? Let others answer. I just play with my freestyle.

Ramy Soldstunt I enjoy playing new drifts and listening to people’s audiences. I love to do what they can’t!

Omar Mokbel: No one taught me to play parkour here. I just wanted to fly. Then I made it.

Robotica: When music starts playing, I can dance everywhere I want.


Stay up to date with all things realme on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay up to date with all things realme on Facebook and Instagram.