Saturday April 13th, 2024
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17 Spots To Get A Great Burger In Cairo

Whether you're a simple cheeseburger kind of person or you like them piled high with exotic toppings, there's a burger on this list for everyone.

Staff Writer
What’s not to love about a good burger? They’re wonderful little pockets of delicious meat that are perfect for modern life by being easy to hold in one hand so you can use the other to take Instagrams so as to make Internet people who aren’t eating a burger jealous. They’re also completely customiseable. You can even order them without a bun, if you’re feeling freaky. Here we’ve brought together the best burgers in town, so when you need to feed that burger monster in your gut you can spend less time thinking and more time eating.
Mince’s multiple locations in 6th of October City, Zamalek, and Heliopolis mean that wherever you are, you’re not far from an amazing burger, even for breakfast! It’s a good spot, too, if you are with someone who’s not a burgervore, as they have a killer selection of “un-beef” options such as chicken burgers for instance, not to mention the most delectable Elvis french toast on the planet. Oh, and the fries are damn near perfect as well, especially if you get them covered in cheese. Plus you get creations like monster you see above.
Butchers has a myriad of possible burger and toppings combinations to bring your burger fantasies to reality. A Hawaiian burger, a burger topped with steak, and, their claim to fame, The Mighty Bastard: a monster 1 kg patty that could feed a small family for a week. The selection of sides is pretty phenomenal as well. Cheeseballs, wings, deep fried mushrooms, and even nachos; so, if you need something fried and/or cheesy to wash that burger down, they’ve got you covered.
Home of the “Worlds Best Burgers” the international chain, Fuddruckers, has a giggle-worthy name but there is nothing funny about their burger game.
This newcomer to the burger scene is poised to become a classic spot quicker than you can say “medium well, hold the pickles.” Fat Cow’s uncomplicated menu ensures that every ingredient is grade A. No messing around, perfection. The ingenious packaging just adds to the sense of “holy cow this is amazing.” The first time you unfold the box into a plate and then fold it back into a box around your leftovers will blow your mind. 
A classic fast food burger joint that serves a classic selection of burgers and sandwiches. Also, home of the “Animal Style” burgers, loaded with onion rings and Buffalo sauce. 
Burgerque is coming at you with gourmet burgers you can’t find anywhere else, as well as a retinue of specialty fries, including poutine! 
Originating from down under, BurgerFuel seeks to take over the world with their burgers, and chicken and veggie sandwiches. Recently expanded to the MENA region, this Kiwi is bringing its particular tastes to the desert.  
Gigi’s offers an atmosphere like no other. Burgers, pizza, great music, and best of all drinks! DRINKS.
Boasting burgers, chili fries, desserts, and other delicious deep-fried appetizers, Burger Factory churns out comfort food and delivers it right to you. 
This mobile burger maker serves up your favourites with freshly baked buns, and hunting it down is easier than raising cattle. Just follow them on Instagram to find where they’re posted.
This classy joint offers international tapas, which includes tiny burger sliders that provide all the taste and mouthwatering-ness of a full burger in a single bite. 
Burgers and hot dogs with anything you could possibly want piled atop them. In typical Burger Joint style, the classic trifecta of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshakes are there for those who don’t feel like they’ve had enough calories with just the food.
Before burgers became the new cupcakes and Cairo had more burger spots than Kim Kardashian has Instagram followers, there was Lucille's, basically the original burger joint in the city. And this Tex-Mex spot offers much more besides burgers. Tacos, quesadillas, and nachos bring some south of the border tastes, but the burgers are where it’s at. The fact that Lucille’s grinds its own beef for its burgers really shows that they’re made with love and care. 
I LIKE BIG BUNZ AND I CANNOT LIE. No-nonsense burgers and chicken wraps. The onion rings are crazy good too.

Roy's Country Kitchen At The Marriott

More mini-burgers from the Roy's Country Marriott, for the those times when eating a bunch of little burgers is better than one great big one. Get over there on Sunday from 7-9 for all-you-can-eat sliders for only 100 LE ++.

Pizza Bar Fairmont Heliopolis

The Pizza Bar, also at the Fairmont, features burgers in a relaxed poolside setting. So, if you're here and you're not feeling pizza (blasphemy!), you can get a delicious burger instead. 

Gezira Sporting Club burger

Any burger human worth their salt knows that while a myriad of new burger chains and joints and shops may open, burger el nady as it is fondly known, in all its glorious simplicity, will always be the OG of the burger world. 


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