Monday February 26th, 2024
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Limestone Coffin Housing 2 Ptolemaic-era Mummies Unearthed In Monufia

Artefacts dating back to the Ptolemaic era were also unearthed in the excavation site.

Staff Writer

A coffin made out of limestone and carrying two poorly preserved mummies has recently been unearthed in the Qesna quarry excavation site in Monufia, by an Egyptian archaeological mission from the Antiquities Ministry, reports Egypt Independent.

Two meters long and 60 cm wide, the coffin had two mummies stored over each other and adorned with gold chips. Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri adds that the transport of the coffin to a Kafr Al-Sheikh antiquities storehouse, was overseen by the Tourism and Antiquities police, where it is set to undergo restorative procedures.

Along with the coffin, a Ptolemaic-era bronze coin as well as bronze nails, containers and plates were unearthed. A section of the ancient Quesna cemetery belonging to the Old Kingdom, was also uncovered, according to Head of the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry, Ayman Ashmawy.

Head of the Central Department of Lower Egypt Antiquities, Nadia Khadr, also mentioned the discovery of three statue heads depicting Horus’ son and made out of limestone as well as a scarab-shaped gold piece which has been transported to Tahrir’s Egyptian museum.