Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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9 Best Chicken Wings In Egypt

Whether you like them flaming hot, traditional Buffalo style or with 500 different dips, we've got your cravings covered...

Staff Writer

If there's one thing that gets people excited and encourages heated debate in this bedan-forsaken country, and across our social media channels, then it has to be chicken wings. People seem to get all riled up talking about who does this simple delicacy best, so we thought it was only right that we settled this in the only way we know how: with a list. 

The Tap

This is THE place to go if you fancy an ice-cold beer and some delish chicken wings, or just delish chicken wings. 

Butcher's Burger


Not a lot of people know this but Butcher's Burger has one of the best chicken wings in the country that they should seriously consider renaming their chains to Butcher's Chicken Wings.

Lord of the Wings


You'd expect a place named after the actual dish to be pretty good at cooking these up, and they don't let you down. NOMNOMNOM! 



Walk past their branches any night of the week and look in at how many people are eating the wings with big happy smiles on their faces and you'll know just how good these are. 

Pizza Hut


You'd expect a place that focuses on pizza to not be pretty good at wings, but believe it or not, they're absolutely awesome. If you are feeling brave try their extra-spicy sauce which packs a serious punch.

Tres Bon


Hidden away in Heliopolis' Tivoli Dome, their crispy chicken wings are absolutely worth the traffic and the drive. 



Welcome to Chilli's! More like welcome your kersh to their #foodporn-y chicken wings. 

TGI Fridays


It is said if you eat at TGI on any day that is not Friday, the food will taste like lies, but not their chicken wings!




Foodgasm: a word to describe an explosion of flavours that happens in a person's mouth when they have chicken wings from Fudd!