Thursday December 7th, 2023
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A Delightful Reason To Escape The Kitchen This Eid

Eid is just around the corner, and so is our favourite scrumptious buttery treat. Cancel your Kahk making party because Delight Sweet House has got you covered this Eid.

Staff Writer

The stakes are never higher in the dessert game than they are during Ramadan. This highly competitive time of the year is the when bakeries from all across the land attempt to create the next big delicious dessert, while family members scour to find the tastiest treats to bring to an 3zouma, in hopes of earning bragging rights. Proving to be this year's cream of the crop is Delight Sweet House, who have succeeded in taking traditional classics and completely transforming them into unique and memorable mouth-watering desserts. 

There's konafa and then there's Delight Sweet House's Konafa; soaked in sweet syrup, with a hidden layer of smooth pumpkin covered in whipped cream that appears to have descended to Earth from dessert heaven. Needless to say, Delight Sweet House has really stepped up its konafa game this year, and also winning hearts and minds is their vanilla konafa with delicate hints of sweet syrup mixed with vanilla, golden crispy exterior and soft creamy inside, delivering the perfect balance of textures with a seamless amount of sweetness. Rich, but light – exactly what we want...

As Ramadan comes to a close and Eid approaches, the name of the game changes from who has the best konafa to who makes the best kahk. This competition extends beyond the bakeries, as homes across Oum El Donia gather to bake kahk. Sadly, this tricky dessert is hard to make consistently and often leads to a sugary mess that have been known to haunt nightmares.

Always looking to stand out and wanting to leave you with only sweet dreams this Eid, Delight Sweet House is presenting a variety of kahk using their own signature blend. Unlike other dessert shops, where they use machines, Delight Sweet House is introducing homemade kahk, with five different fillings; Turkish delights, walnuts, pecan, butterscotch, and 3agameya. Let’s all take a moment to imagine what this delicious Egyptian cookie would taste like with butterscotch inside. Imagine the soft moist exterior with an explosion of flavour hidden in the center that detonates as you take the first bite, instantly creating an unforgettable food memory that will have you willing to trade a bikini body for a million boxes of Kahk

For more more information on how to get Delight Sweet House into your belly, visit their Facebook or Instagram.