Thursday July 25th, 2024
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A Scene Eats Guide to the Best Xmas Treats of 2023

We went from not knowing what to take to our Xmas family gathering…to also not know what to take to our Xmas family gathering.

Fadila Khalid

 A Scene Eats Guide to the Best Xmas Treats of 2023

As the holiday season twinkles with anticipation, it's time to unwrap a delectable collection of Christmas treats that will add a touch of delight to our festive celebrations. From the first bite to the last crumb, these extraordinary culinary creations will transport your taste buds on a journey of enchantment.

From whimsical reindeer-shaped cookies that will make you giggle with glee to shimmering hot chocolate bombs that erupt in a cascade of marshmallows, each treat is a little masterpiece that will bring joy to the table and warmth to your heart.

Chocolates Advent Calendar 


Branches all over Egypt 

Nobody celebrates the festive season like Nola, who go all out every single year with a special new product line. This year - alongside their giant tin cookie box and the maximalist cakes - an advent calendar containing gourmet chocolates is definitely the star of the show.

Pulla Star

Bäxters European Kitchen

O1 Mall, New Cairo 

Pulla, a traditional Finnish pull-apart bread, is a European Christmas classic. A spice-infused dough is coated in cinnamon and cardamom and then carefully folded to form a braid or - in this case - a star. Unlike the American cinnamon roll, pulla has a taste profile rich in ground spice and little sugar.

Christmas Bento Box


Delivers all over Cairo 

Kouyrig is what we call a ‘small but fierce’ cloud bakery, and they’re bento box - which includes a bento cake and four cupcakes, artfully decorated in green, red and white - are too.

Christmas Stuffed Cookies

Dirty Cookie

Branches all over Egypt 

The LA-grown Egyptian cookie-ice cream concept is introducing thick new cookies to their menu. A slew of chocolate stuffed cookies sprinkled with Christmas magic are served hot out of the oven, while an array of Xmas-shaped sugar cookies are neatly packed for little ones to enjoy.

Belgian Chocolate Truffle Tower


Delivers all over Cairo 

What it says on the box. Fleur’s gourmet melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles have been artfully arranged to form a Christmas tree, making it the perfect treat to take along to a family gathering.

Buche de Noel 


Branches all over Egypt 

For 125 years, Egyptian patisserie, Simonds, has been serving their chocolate-dense Buche de Noel every single Christmas without fail. A generational recipe, this dessert has been brought into nearly every Egyptian home over the last three generations, and rightfully so.

Black Forest Christmas Cake 

Dara's Ice Cream

Branches all over Egypt

Every year, Dara’s Ice Cream takes Xmas as a personal challenge to make a treat we’d brave howling winds and sudden rain to have. This year, they’ve not only brought back their now-classic Christmas ice cream flavours, but they brought out the big guns…a Black Forest Christmas Cake.

Hot Cocoa Bombs 


Delivers all over Cairo

Soufflé did not just drop hot cocoa bombs…but an entire tray of them - each one a tiny glorious ball of Belgian chocolate, stuffed with tiny tiny marshmallows and decorated with chocolate drizzle and sprinkles - for you to share with your friends and family. How cute!

Christmas Tree Cakes

Nino’s Bakery 

Delivers all over Cairo

Boring cakes are out this season bestie, Nino’s has delivered a gorgeous tiered cake shaped like a Christmas tree - with various flavours! - for your enjoyment.

La Bûche de Noël Citron Coco Clémentine

Fôu by Farah

Delivers all over Cairo

Chef Farah El Charkawy seems to have an allergy towards letting classic recipes lie, choosing to defy tradition every time and remake recipes to suit her eccentric taste. This time, she’s serving a buche de noel made of coconut crémeux, lemon ganache, fresh lemons, fresh clementine, crispy almond crunch and a light sponge cake. A perfect rendition for those who prefer summery flavours all year round.

Hazelnut Caramel Swirl


Delivers all over Cairo

Beyond the haze of chocolate, spicy cakes are traditionally best enjoyed in the winter season, adding a little heat to every treat. Cairo’s favourite cloud bakery, Nutcracker, introduced a beautifully nutty Hazelnut Caramel Swirl cake, and we’re ordering one for our own in-office Xmas celebration for sure.