Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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A’mayel Edaya: Egyptian Mums Try Each Other’s Mahshi (Episode 3)

A lot of rice was wasted in the making of this episode.

Farida El Shafie

Everyone’s seen peculiar interpretations of the classic stuffed vine leaves. They’ve been battered, fried, burnt beyond recognition, and at times stuffed so poorly, their globular form is rendered inedible. That said, when Egyptian mums handcraft each bite and lay it to rest atop a bed of tomatoes in its designated pot, domestic kitchens regain their balance. In light of that sentiment, the Rahet Bally mums gathered once more in an attempt to tackle their toughest dish on A'mayel Edaya yet, wara' enab. Some mums mastered the greens-to-rice ratio whilst others lost the battle to slightly scorched and overcooked edges. 

In this Scene Eats special, SceneEats’ Ali Khalifa sits with the mums as they scorn their own salty concoctions and praise that of their rivals.