Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Al-Haram’s Wizzo Serves You All The Shades of Fried Chicken

Way past the peckish, Wizzo is the Al-Haram fried chicken destination supplying our insatiable chicken cravings.

Layla Raik

There comes a point beyond the peckish, the squeamish and even the famished one can only achieve after a long day of errand-running and purpose-questioning - one that would get Camus to forget about his skimpy coffee and contemplate death versus a hearty fried chicken instead.

It is in moments like this when we have no choice but to scour our Maps app, desperate for a spot that balances tender chicken, stirring seasoning and expert breading all at once. Across our many chicken-seeking journeys, we’ve finally located a spot that appreciates the art of fried chicken as much as we do: Wizzo.

Worth the trip to Al-Haram, Wizzo brings you fried chicken in all shapes and forms, taking both the die-hard bucketeers and the more reserved boneless fanatics to fried chicken heaven.