Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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All Your Favourite Eateries Hit the North Coast

Makani, Burger Joint, Zo and El Sit Hosneya are back at their original locations at Marina 5.

Staff Writer

Buckle up and throw your favourite restaurants a welcome home party by paying them a visit in Marina 5. Yes, it’s true! Makani, Zo, Burger Joint and El Sit Hosneya are back at their original Sahel location!

Not only do they seduce us with all the cuisines you can imagine, but their eye-grabbing blue view of the sea and lake makes it difficult to choose whether to Instagram your meal or turn your lens to the water.

The famous burger chain, Burger Joint has done a better job than cupid, getting us hooked and craving their juicy, perfectly curated menu of burgers and mouthwatering food. Taking a quick walk over to Makani, you can have your sushi and eat it too, while Zo caters to all you Asian desires with a selection of spring rolls, noodles and Chinese specialities. If you’re missing mama’s cooking, then look no further than El Sit Hosneya, who will whip up everything from stuffed pigeon to molokeheya and everything in between. All in one development, you and your friends can eat different cuisines but still chill out together. The cherry on top is they also serve some smokin’ hot shisha to enjoy by the sweet summer breeze.