Sunday May 28th, 2023
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Ray-Ban and CairoZoom Just Made Your Summer Photos Hotter

The coolest shades around have teamed up with the most kick-ass photography site in the country to help you create some snaps that will sizzle this summer!

Staff Writer

When it comes to Instagram we all have a preferred filter we tend to go with. All the Sierra fans put your hands up! Anyway, just when you thought CairoZoom photos couldn’t look any hotter comes a partnership with Ray-Ban that will give you the option to pick your favourite filter for your favourite moment captured by CairoZoom.

So basically the coolest shades of the summer are now giving you awesome filters to pick from. Effective immediately, visitors of CairoZoom will have the ability to pick one of four Ray Ban inspired filters; Transparent Wayfarers, Carbon Fiber, Bronze Aviator, and Opal Erika.

Finally, fans of CairoZoom will no longer have to waste time editing their pictures on their phones before presenting them to the social media world because after they've selected their favourite snap, they can choose their filter right on the site! Once you have decided on your favourite photo, click it and a sidebar of filters will appear. Pick the filter that you feel best represents your personality, click it, and magically watch the photo change and a button to appear that allows you to download the filtered photo. Voila! Life has never been so Instagrammable. 

What you do with it after that is up to you decide. Are you a Facebooker? Instagrammer? Snap Chatter? However you share your photos CairoZoom and Ray-Ban have got your back and will ensure that your pictures will be hotter than summer in Egypt.

For more information about Ray-Ban's #Campaign4Change click here