Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Behind The Scenes At Cairo Capital Club

With a new bag of tricks up their sleeves, the coming weeks see Cairo Capital Club host a whole variety of food and entertainment events, as well as cooking classes and special drink offers. We head behind-the-scenes to find out more...

Staff Writer

Behind The Scenes At Cairo Capital Club

The Cairo Capital Club has recently come up with all these new events, menus and entertainment suggestions that it has been hard for us to keep up. Last week, Michelle Rounds was performing during their wonderful Thursday Á la Carte Night while we are expecting Chef Markus Iten, the founder of the Egyptian Chef Association, to teach people how to cook in their amazing kitchen soon. We meet Yousry Zaghow, manager of the Cairo Capital Club, to take a look behind the scenes of of a world-class dining experience.

The front of the 19th floor restaurant couldn’t be more gorgeous: a 360° view over Cairo, the Nile and Mokattam makes it easy for people to enjoy and relax the excellent food that the chefs prepare every day from 10 am. But how about the back of the Cairo Capital Club? Is the kitchen as astounding as the service, the food served and the decoration? We are impressed to find out that there are indeed two kitchens: one smaller one adjacent to the restaurant, ensuring the food is piping hot when it arrives at the table, and one much bigger one, allowing to cater to the needs of dozens of people simultaneously, without having to cram into a smaller kitchen, located on the below floor. Both of these kitchens totally passed our hygiene test but who is really surprised, considering the name and prestige of the Cairo Capital Club?

We are also observing lunchtime in the big kitchen where some of the superb in-house chefs are in the process of creating the most delicious pastas and salads for the hungry guests. The kitchen is a reflection of the front of the restaurant: a big, clean and wonderfully smelling space that aces whatever it is they try. This kitchen will also be the scene of the upcoming cooking classes with renowned chef Markus Iten who has collaborated with Cairo Capital Club before on their food fusion nights. Once a month, Tuesday Nights are transformed into a culinary odyssey of prominent chefs from all around the world who are putting their own twist on one of the most brilliant kitchens in town.

Every other Tuesday Night, Cairo Capital Club brings out the fancy cocktails and hosts a variety of cocktails for very special prices. A Cosmopolitan tastes much better if one has the lights of the city to their feet, and the sky as close as possible. Other drinks are offered, but it's between 4pm and 7pm on every weekday when beer and wine are discounted. Offering two for one, Cairo Capital Club makes its visitors happy without having to spend much money. The priority for the club is for everyone to get the taste of the new, more dazzling and more exciting Cairo Capital Club.

As a first step to reach out to the gourmands of Cairo, Chef Iten (pronounced “Eaten”, as if the guy was destined to be the master of food he is) will return to that kitchen to teach everyone how to make an á la carte menu on April 1st and 4th. In the hands-on cooking class, the Swiss chef will get people chopping and presents his three-course meal consisting of chunky gazpacho, chicken breast with mushroom velouté and mashed potatoes with Zucchini wheels as well as the dessert of hot bananas with vanilla ice cream. Groups of five will have the master’s full attention as he teaches and shares wisdom from over 40 years as a chef.

Manager Yousry Zaghow and Chef Markus Iten

But that’s not all that’s new at the Capital Club: just one day after Chef Iten teaches people how to be a superb chef, live entertainment returns to the sky high restaurant. On April 2nd, all brass band El Nafikha will celebrate 100 years of Egyptian music from 8.30pm, accompanying the beautiful creations that are coming from the Cairo Capital Club kitchen. The live entertainment happens every other Thursday and is free for everyone. On Tuesday, April 7th, a Gourmet Dinner with six courses and half a bottle of complementary wine, prepared by Executive Chef Mohamed Eissa will please those who are looking for an outstanding taste explosion.

With a full schedule like that, our behind the scenes look has revealed that Cairo Capital Club is indeed a whole new address. The exclusivity to its members is yesterday; today everyone is invited to give the high quality food, drinks and atmosphere a try. With fresh cocktails, excellent food on a daily basis and regular gourmet events and classes, the huge kitchen never gets cold. And as if this wasn’t good enough, Yousry Zaghow is expanding on the 19th floor, opening a whole new rooftop adjacent to the club that will be everybody’s gift. Our first look reveals that the new bar is the rooftop with the best views in town in the making, and we can’t wait to see it serving its promised gourmet cocktails and tapas. 

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