Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Beit Ward: Elevating The Lebanese Cuisine Experience

What delicious eatery Beit Ward boasts is not just the food; it's the entire Lebanese experience, brought straight from the street of Beirut. And this 27th of May they're celebrating one year of perfecting the taste of Lebanon...

Staff Writer

There are times when you sit there, craving real Lebanese cuisine...but you don’t want anything heavy; you also want to stay in the comfort of your own home and you need to see your friends; your mind is a confused and hungry mess. This is why the concept of Beit Ward (House of Flowers) struck gold. Encompassing a homey feel, boho-oriental aesthetic, and satisfying and delicious Lebanese food, the eatery provides the exact right atmosphere for an enjoyable outing...and finally good Shisha too.

It's hard to find a place that caters to the needs of any outing; good food, great atmosphere, and quality service, but Beit Ward manages to nail all three. “We build loyalty with our customers as they can see we really are dedicated to quality and creating an atmosphere that teleports you to Lebanon; from the great food to the positive vibes”, says owner Ahmed Rady, speaking with ease about a place he so obviously loves. This 27th of May, Beit Ward will be celebrating one whole year where hard work and loyalty to the identity of all that is Lebanon has achieved tangible and tasty success.

Let us not beat around the bush people; service in most places in Egypt is lacking - whether the waiter has had a long day at work or an argument with his wife, the list of reasons for angry waiters is endless. Beyt Ward’s main mission is to change that. “We focus on detail; a main part of that is when it comes to service, which we do differently. Our waiters know our loyal customers and welcome new customers, helping them with the menu and suggesting new dishes. They're very knowledgeable and really help out our clients. We have customers who come weekly and those who come daily - especially because the shisha is really good,” continues Rady, boasting about a knowledgeable Lebanese management and waiters who are true foodies.

Currently in Porto Cairo the restaurant is about to launch a Beirut invasion; in coming months they’ll be opening their branches in Korba and Mohandessin. The restaurant remains true to its identity with everything having been brought in from Beirut...including the Head Chef. “We were keen on making completely sure that we really meant it when we said a Lebanese experience, so naturally everything is Lebanese. We really focused on research and that’s why we are constantly upgrading the menu with new dishes from the heart and soul of Lebanon,” continues a passionate Rady.

With a love of Lebanon driving them forward, this restaurant is really setting the standard, making sure that quality is their priority. Caution to the wise: try and make sure you keep space for the dessert.

Check out their Facebook page here! It isn't wise to look at their Instagram if you're hungry but here goes @beitwardegypt