Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Bouza Roll: Rolls of Sub-Zero Heaven

Forget cones, the future of ice cream is here! Rolls are where it's at now and nobody does it better than Bouza Roll!

Staff Writer

How much lentil and noodle tomato soup can one consume in one sitting? Seems like the icy cold winds sweeping the country have left us with limited food – and wardrobe – choices, but no more! If fire is to be fought with fire, then it stands to reason that we fight ice with ice cream.

And so it was that we scavenged Instagram for our fix of meltable, creamy, cold sweetness only to stumble upon the future of ice cream. That’s right, the future is here! You have probably already had little perfectly round ice cream scoops in a cone, a cup and even a martini glass, but now the icy cold dessert comes in cylindrical form too!

Bouza Roll makes the cutest, most consistent ice cream and rolls it into tubes of sub-zero heaven topped with your choice of fruits, candy, sauce and whatever your heart desires. Brain freeze never tasted so good. Roll in at one of their stores for frozen munchies and ice cold funsies.  

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