Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Burlesque is Bringing Decadence and Delicious Dishes to Cairo

Get ready Heliopolis - this Friday 5th June, a taste explosion is coming your way as Burlesque opens up its fabulous doors.

Staff Writer

Burlesque is Bringing Decadence and Delicious Dishes to Cairo

Glitz and glam and class and a dash of sensual appeal; all these things come to mind when we hear the word Burlesque. And that’s exactly what Heliopolis’ newest hotspot by the same name is bringing to the citizens of Cairo. Now our city isn’t short on eateries but goddamit do we still love it every time a new one opens. We are a nation of veritable foodies and we can’t get enough so every time a new café or restaurant pops up on the scene, we all mark our calendars and descend on the spot like a flock of hungry birds. NOMNOM.

Burlesque, a blend of café and restaurant (our favourite blend right after coffee and cigarettes – and y’know, peanut butter and jelly obviously) is set to open this Friday the 5th of June. No, Christina Aguilera will not be dancing on tables in a scantily clad outfit just because the place is called Burlesque, JEEZ get your mind out of the gutter. Heliopolites take note (and Cairenes in general but Heliopolis crowd in specific because YOU KNOW you’ll be spending endless afternoons here). The place’s design is all eclectic fresh elegance - think a ceiling coated in naked lightbulbs and a living green wall - and is very, very Instagrammable. And as you all know by now, beyond the shadow of a doubt, there’s nothing we love quite as much as an Instagrammable spot. More important than the food, more important THAN ANYTHING. Just kidding. Or are we?

While we’re on the subject of food though, this place isn’t just about selecting the perfect filter to post about it with; they’ve got food for days. DAYS, WE SAY. We got a sneak peek at what they’re preparing, and let’s just say, go hungry. They start whipping up the yumminess from 9 AM with a variety of breakfasts including everything from fluffy veggie-filled Spanish omelettes to a hearty English breakfast. Now, allow us to whip your taste buds into a frenzy and get your tummy rumbling with some of the other items they’ve got on their menu. From homemade lasagne to Philly cheesesteak sandwiches to nacho mozzarella rolls (what on god’s green earth are nacho mozzarella rolls!?! We don’t know but we want them immediately), they’ve got items on the menu to satisfy every foodie in the city. From juicy burgers with giant hand cut fries to corn dogs (corn dogs!), they've also got that good ol' fashioned American food side covered. But really, it’s all about their Nutella Marshmallow Toast dessert. That’s it. Once we’ve eaten that, we can die happy. That’s all we’ve ever needed. Who needs a boyfriend when you have Nutella Marshmallow Toast? No one, that’s who.

And don’t worry, they’ve got shisha. Tab3an. So head over there TOMORROW, take your hungry tummy with you, and enjoy!

You can follow them on Instagram @burlesque_egy