Monday May 29th, 2023
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15 Ramadan Series You Can't Miss This Year

Step aside Game Of Thrones... Ramadan is coming.

Staff Writer

For some, Ramadan is about a spiritual connection, eating right, exercising and charity. For others however, it’s stuffing their bellies with inhumane quantities of food during Iftar and then being too full to move, hence glued to their couches watching the abundant number of Ramadan series. Here are our top picks:

Ghareeb Obama (Strange Obama)

Starring the actor who has made sexual harassment even more prevalent on the streets than before, the one and only Mohamed Ramadan. The young actor, famous for his roles as your average street thug, will be starring in a series that actually does have something to do with the US President, Barack Obama. Ramadan plays a taxi driver nicknamed Obama because he managed to shake hands with the American President during his visit to Egypt and wouldn’t wash his hands for six days since. 

Ostaz Wa Ra’ees Kesm (Professor and Head of Department)


Starring the immortal Adel Emam, we're not sure if he really will be bringing anything new to the table seeing that his facial expressions have been memorised to the last wrinkle on his face. Although it is expected that the series will turn out to solely be about Emam, it is promised that it will be heavily political looking at the role of universities during each of Egypt’s uprisings with hero, saviour, martyr and demigod Emam saving the day, all with his touch of comedy.

Zawag Bel Ikrah (Forced Marriage)

The title is ironic seeing that Zeina stars the show. With her real life drama trying to get actor Ahmed Ezz to admit he is the father of her twins, Zeina takes method acting to the next level, with many critics wondering if the series was influenced by her own personal story. Zeina plays Leila, a young woman suffering unrequited love and living a lie.

Ya Ana Ya Enty (It’s Either Me Or You)

This is one series no one will want to miss starring none other than the infamous Fifi Abdo alongside Somia Al Khashab. Don’t believe us? Check out their Facebook page here. One can only assume the series is about...Fifi Abdo and Somia Al Khashab...doing stuff. The comedy series is expected to resemble that of The Simple Life starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

Alf Lela Wa Lela (Arabian Nights)


Well this looks interesting. Arabian Nights is the immemorial tale about a mad king who kills off all his wives except one that escapes by captivating him with her rich story telling. The series that had been in development since 2010 will finally come to life. Amr Waked withdrew from filming the series apparently for political reasons, and we expect Nicole Saba will be taking up the role of enchantress Shahrazad.

Mawlana El Ashek (The Lover)


*Sigh* From the title one does not need to really think twice about who the actor may be...Mostafa Shaaban. Someone needs to have a real sit down with him and explain that he is not (surprisingly) the Casanova of Egyptian cinema with his over acting and assumption that he makes the ladies swoon. Anyway, in this gripping drama Shaaban plays a microbus driver who fights crime and corruption using the most effective power on

Kolo Taht El Saytara (All Is Under Control)


After the success of her performance in the Orange Is The New Black inspired Segn El Nessa (Woman’s Prison) last Ramadan, we can’t wait to see Nelly Kareem in her upcoming All Is Under Control. In this romantic drama Kareem is from an upper middle class family where events unfold and secrets are found out after she gets reunited with old friends and affects her marriage. 

Thehab Wa Aouda (Roundtrip)


Action hero of Egyptian cinema, Ahmed El Sakka, returns once again to the small screen with this action drama playing the role of a successful businessman fighting an international mafia that kidnapped his son.

Halet ‘eshk (A State of Love)


So everyone is either in love or fighting off international cartels and actress May Ezz El Din chimes in with her on take on love this Ramadan. She plays a radio presenter who is romantically involved with a colleague at work, her life changes however when her mother marries a rich businessman.

Haret El Yahood (Jews' Alley)


This is one episode we are rooting for. If executed properly and they stick to the historical facts, then this is one history drama we are looking forward to see. The series focus on Haret El Yahood that was predominantly comprised of Egyptian Jews and the changes witnessed there since the 23rd of July 1952 revolution until the Triple Entente. Thankfully, we hear it paints real Egyptian Jews not stereotyped as spies loyal to Israel.

Mouled Wa Sahbo Ghayeb (A Parade Without a Leader)

Fifi Abdo strikes again...this time with none other than the famous never aging seductress Haifaa Wahby. Don’t underestimate the series for they promise a gripping drama surrounding a poor entertainer who enters the world of corrupt businessmen during the Mubarak era.

Tareky (My Way)

Singer Shereen Abdel Wahab puts down the mike and stands in front of the camera. Her upcoming drama series takes a bit from her own experience, trying to make it in a doggy dog world as well as that of Cinderella’s own story, as she faces harsh treatment from her family living in rural part of Egypt where she tries to make it as a singer despite it being against culture and tradition.

El Kabeer Awi (The Big Boss)

Much to our relief Ahmed Mekky returns with the popular series El Kebeer Awi. Ahmed Mekky has proven himself as a talented comedian but one has to wonder if the series is overdone or if he'll be able to bring something new this time round.

Al ‘ahd (The Covenant)


Starring Asser Yassin this series that promises a mystery thriller showing the relationship of man with power and what he is capable of doing for it in a series of stories. The series shows an unknown town and is not specific to time which insinuate that the city acts as a microcosm to the ever struggle of man. Really deep stuff.

Kaboos (Nightmare)

You got a bit of a scare there thinking Ghada Abdel Razik wouldn’t return...well fear not or actually fear a lot for she is back this Ramadan. Abdel Razik plays a widow who is living a nightmare where she is being haunted and attempts to prove that she isn’t crazy...if you say so.