Friday April 19th, 2024
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Cairo's Best 4 Restaurants for Chimney Cakes

We've brought Budapest to Om El Donia!

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Cairo's Best 4 Restaurants for Chimney Cakes

You’re wandering innocently on the streets of Budapest, taking photos, admiring the architecture, then something happens… A sweet scent is catching your nose and guiding you to the origin of the sugary aroma, which is a kürtőskalács, aka chimney cake, kiosk with delicious sweets that you can't wait to devour. You then wake up from that beautiful dream and realise a) Tante MacaRONA is outside. b) You can't travel anywhere. c) You probz will never have chimney cake.

Well, let us tell you that you can buy one right here, in Om El Donia. Better yet, you can have one (or ten) delivered to your doorstep.

Kurtos // Mukattam

 This spot stands out because they make savoury chimney cakes. We’re talking shawarma inside of them!

Address: Omar Ibn El Khattab Street, Hadaba Wusta, Mukattam

Phone: +2 0120 656 6423

Chimney Cake & Waffle // Nasr City

The joint makes the fancy dessert in all its forms, but they specialise in ones that look like cakes and waffles. 

Address: 9 Nour El-Deen Bahgat, Al Manteqah Ath Thamenah, Nasr City

Phone: +2 0155 009 3101

Croccante // Sheikh Zayed

Croccante is probably the newest kid on the block when it comes to chimney cakes, however, they've proved to also be the biggest -- garnering a very big fan base in such a short time. 

Address: Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Phone: +2 0120 340 6325

Conut // Heliopolis, New Cairo

This restaurant exists to serve conuts and only that (croissants + doughnuts), but they’ve decided only recently to hop on the chimney bandwagon and we’re here for it. 

Address: Branches across Cairo

Phone: +2 0121 193 0006