Friday December 1st, 2023
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Cairo's Best 7 Restaurants for Fried Ice Cream

Cold on the inside, hot on the outside (just like your ex’s heart), fried ice cream is a must-try invention.

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Cold on the inside, hot on the outside (just like your ex’s heart), fried ice cream is a must-try invention. Unusual but not that uncommon, this dish has been confusing people since its discovery firstly about how it stays frozen inside with a warm dough-like exterior. And secondly about where it actually originates from. Some say it’s the Japanese who created it (cause tempuras), then others say it was found in Philadelphia, USA (cause fried food), while others say it has Mexican influences. Regardless of which nation created it first, it has now made its way to Egypt and we have found you the best spots for you to try that mystique foodie creation.

Ottimo // Sheikh Zayed

This breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant serves fried vanilla ice cream bowls for dessert any time of the day. Yes, you can have that as your breakfast, it’s basically bread and milk, just in a different way.

Address: 23G, West Square Mall, Sheikh Zayed

Phone: +2 0122 736 6033

Peking // Sheikh Zayed, Zamalek, Mohandessin, New Cairo, Maadi, Heliopolis, Rehab City, Nasr City

Not a lot of people know this but the country's biggest Chinese food franchise also makes one of the best-fried ice creams there is. They're perfect after a chow mein. 


Phone: 16078

Ice Rolls  // New Cairo

Their fried ice cream topped with nuts or kunafa and nuts is a yes from us. Get lost in the crispiness of their dessert, you’ll forget about the normal ice cream cone.

Address: Mobile Gas Station, El Narges, New Cairo

Phone: +2 0111 1830 550

Sidra // Heliopolis, 6th of October, New Cairo

You can even find fried ice cream in this Lebanese restaurant, but they add a twist in the end: coconut flakes on top. If you think about it, it does make sense since we Arabs are no strangers to hot crispy coatings (kunafa) with cool creamy stuffing (eshta, cream).

Address: Branches all over Cairo  

Phone: +2 0106 5527 801

Ginza // Nasr City

This Japanese delivery-only restaurant proves that the Japanese know their way around fried ice cream. Call ‘em up on for a creamy and Instagrammable experience.

Address: NA

Phone: +2 0115 600 5796 

Butcher’s Burger // Maadi, New Cairo, Dokki, Nasr City, 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed

If you thought their burgers might be heavy, imagine having one of those followed by their vanilla fried ice cream drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce. 

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Phone: 16698

Birdcage // Garden City

After a gourmet Thai meal, Birdcage gives you one last treat with their crispy fried ice cream with even more vanilla ice cream (this time regular frozen scoops).

Address: Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo Hotel, Corniche El Nile

Phone: 02 279 88188