Monday December 11th, 2023
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Cairo's Best 8 Restaurants for Fried Rice

Rice and shine, bbs.

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Whether you like it with vegetables, eggs, chicken, or beef, fried rice is absolutely deilsh. It’s a delicate combination of flavour composed from sesame oil, rice, butter, soy sauce, and oyster sauce. If cooked right, this dish can be an entire meal on its own. That is why we looked all over the city for the best restaurants that made fried rice and here they are!
Nairu // Giza

Nestled away inside the First Nile Boat, the Pan-Asian eatery makes fried rice that will make you feel fancy af.

Phone: +20 (2) 3567-1890 

Address: 136 Nile Street, First Nile Boat
Tao // New Cairo

Tao’s ultra-fancy ambiance, with ceilings that appear to be endless knows how to perfectly combine sesame oil, veggies, and rice to make the perfect fried rice!

Phone: +20 (2) 2614-0061

Address: Dusit Thani Lake View, New Cairo
Chinoix // New Cairo 

With a beautifully designed oriental architecture, Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel's Chinoix teleports you into central China with their delicious fried rice and ambience!

Phone: +20 (2) 2406-3333

Address: Renaissance Cairo, Mirage City, Ring Road
Peking // Branches All Over Cairo

Arguably the most popular Chinese food franchise in the country, Peking knows how to serve a mean bowl of fried rice!

Phone: 16078

Address: Branches all over Cairo
Baitong // Maadi

This Thai spot makes shrimp fried rice that will make you believe in life after love. Baitong doesn't have a physical location, but it delivers anywhere in Maadi -- along with catering anywhere in Cairo.

Phone: +2 0106 241 3732

Address: NA
Bahay Kubo // Maadi

Filipinx eatery makes all forms of silog which is garlic fried rice. You can get it with longanisa (Filipinx-style sausages) and tocino.

Phone: +20 155 871 9244

Address: NA
Genghis Khan // Maadi, Rehab City

You're not a fried rice stan unless you've had at Genghis Khan's tiny Maadi restaurant. 

Phone: +2 0111 391 3113

Address: Building 3, Street 233, Maadi // Rehab Souq #1, Next to Alex Bank
Joy Luck // Maadi

Another spot on this list that requires you to be a special kind of fried rice stan. Always go for their fried rice with eggs. Yum.

Phone: 02 25165105

Address: Naguib Mahfouz Building, Street 233, Maadi