Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Cairo's Newest and Sexiest Ice Cream Spot: Thai Rolls

Stop, drop, and roll into this sexy new ice cream joint in Mohandeseen.

Staff Writer

I was born in New York City and I spent a significantly large part of my childhood there before I ever set foot here in Egypt. There are so many elements about childhood abroad that are strenuously different than they are here in Cairo, especially back in the 90s. I am talking toys, cartoons, play areas, and even snacks or food. Nowadays, the common ground between East and West is building up a lot more; things that were never here before are now really abundant. But still, something is missing; it just isn’t the same. As much as I love it here, I just want more. There is that one monumental element of every American’s childhood: the ice cream truck. Yallahwy bgd! That mystical and oh-so-magical music that made my heart skip a beat was the joy of my day on any given day. Yeah, I was a proud fat kid and I still have kind of a sexy kersh going on. It is ice cream people; we all love ice cream ya3ni - man7awarsh 3ala ba3d.


All that being said, I know and I acknowledge that here in Egypt we have a wide variety of great ice cream to choose from, fa eshta ya3ni. NO! That is the point! It was never really about the ice cream in the truck; it had always been about the truck itself. We never went crazy for it when at a store or a mall, but we would scream for that ice cream truck to stop because the setting and the means represented something special to us all. Ice cream isn’t about the scoop or the stick; it is about that special moment and sexy flavor rolling around in your mouth as you experience that perfect taste-gasm.

This Thursday, on Mesadak Street in Mohandeseen, Thai Rolls are opening up to bring to us the experience that makes ice cream really count. Aywa ya3ni, no more of the store-bought ice cream in a box or the shallow and meaninglessness of selling ice cream. Thai Rolls want to share this sweet and savoury experience with each one of us; they want to wrap up each roll with a special and memorable moment. They promise to always be fan-Thai-stic. Curious about what it is and how it is done? Well, basically, flavoured cream is spread on a flattop that is freezing cold, then it’s smoothed across the surface until it stiffens, and scraped into sexified yumilicious rolls for the extreme pleasure of our taste buds.

I know your mouths are probably already watering now; yalla, click here to find them on Facebook.