Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Chocolate Knows No Limits at Charming Chocolaterie CocoCiel

This place is what chocolate dreams are made of tbh.

Kurt Galalah

We’ve all born witness to the New Cairo vs Sheikh Zayed debate for a couple of years now but in recent times Sheikh Zayed has witnessed a range of new restaurants taking it to a new level. CocoCiel is one of those restaurants.

Offering mouthwatering international food, you’ll want to stay there the whole day indulging in their breakfast, lunch and dinner! But that's not why this spot shines, it does because it mainly focuses on showcasing chocolate in a new light. For example they have profiterole which is a magnificent, giant melted chocolate tower that you get to see in action right before your eyes.

There's also Caramel Comb, which is exactly what name suggests except inside this comb there's chocolate waiting for you. 

Now that we've established what kind of place this is, it's safe to say that you will totes forget about your diet because all you will do there is live your best chocolate life! We think enough has been said! Head over to City Walk, Sheikh Zayed and get your chocolate game on!