Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Cups That Never Dry: BonDing is the Coffee Shop Breeding Conversation

Lavender lattes keep the conversation flowing at 6 October City’s BonDing.

Layla Raik

Cups That Never Dry: BonDing is the Coffee Shop Breeding Conversation

“Let’s catch up over a coffee sometime!”

“What do you say? A coffee date soon?”

“You’ll get the full story over the usual Sunday morning coffee. Non-negotiable.”

Across our lifetime, the simple cup of coffee has come to encompass so much more than the simple caffeine of the bean. What other explanation is there for instant coffee gathering dust in our pantries, just in case that one friend comes over? For an entire sector of your monthly budget being allocated to the store bought Spanish lattes you and your bestie can’t seem to live without? For all the times we show up late to work because we just had to do the morning coffee-run-made-weekend-debrief ahead of the day? 

The truth is that it’s all in the BonDing experience a simple cup of Joe offers. Or so claim the four founders - Soliman, Nourhan, Wagih and Farghaly - of all-new quirky coffee house BonDing: 

“The story behind the name is Bon (coffee in Arabic), with a Ding to make BonDing - it’s the connection that coffee breeds; moments when people with different tastes bond over a cup of coffee.”

The message of BonDing is, really, simple: unite people through coffee. When the founders, a group of Egyptian professionals in the fields of finance, management, interior design and marketing (who share an ultimate passion for coffee and the social power it carries) came together, this was what they sought to bring to life, “everything around us is complex, and it often feels like too much. At BonDing, we focused only on delivering the message of a brand that promotes happiness with one minimal line. Our vision is to leave an unforgettable memory for coffee lovers across Egypt.”

Combining both classics and eclectic signatures under a single roof, BonDing ensures that both brave venturers and safe players are kept company in their quarters. That being said, it’s our personal observation that even the most dedicated of cappuccino-enjoyers would dare venture out of their comfort zones at BonDing. I mean, would you say no to a velvety coconut lavender latte? A sharp citrus espresso? A creamy pistachio latte? A cinnamon twist on your Spanish latte? 

Beyond that, the café’s signature lemon cheesecake and biscuit chocolate cake are a refreshing treat amid seas of well-trodden molten cakes. 

At the end of the day, BonDing is an accumulation of “different tastes… one place. The mission is to bond different types of coffee lovers under one roof by crafting a coffee store that spreads happiness in a cup.”