Sunday July 14th, 2024
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Ladurée Officially Opens at the Pyramids

The beloved French patisserie and restaurant is opening by one of the last remaining wonders of the world.

Farida El Shafie

Ladurée Officially Opens at the Pyramids

Social media spins a never-ending tale of coffee against global backdrops. One image lingers: a vision of a croissant-soaked café au lait, harmonising with the silhouette of the Great Pyramids of Giza. It evokes the desire for a sumptuous breakfast, eggs benedict layered with spinach and smoked salmon, complemented by their specialty, the Ispahan rose and raspberry macaron.

Longing in mind, Ladurée, the cherished French patisserie, will unveil its newest destination at the Pyramids’ Khufu Plateau on December 16th. With its pistachio and chocolate-laden macarons, Ladurée will nestle itself into the arms of one of the world's last ancient wonders, marking a hotly-anticipated union of delicacies amidst monumental history.

Yet, unlike Ladurée's typical global outposts, this newest location near the pyramids eschews its signature green hues. Instead, it embraces a demure neutral palette, mirroring the desert's subtle tones that envelop the historical site. In an artistic move, Ladurée's pyramids branch seeks not to impose but rather to harmonise, creatively integrating itself into the natural surroundings, blending effortlessly with the ancient landscape.

The menu at Ladurée adeptly marries local tastes with the essence of their classic dishes. With an à la carte selection, customers can customise their meals, savouring a medley of the restaurant’s signature offerings. The enduring tradition of afternoon tea persists, presenting an array of mini cakes and sandwiches atop a three-tiered stand. The spotlight dish, a geometrically inspired Isis tart, pays homage to the pyramid’s structure, a delightful blend of coconut and mango that echoes the site's historical significance.