Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Dirty Cookie: The L.A. Bakery Sprinkling Sweetness Around New Cairo

The New Cairo spot giving the innocent cookie a bad-girl makeover is sweeter than you might think.

Layla Raik

Dirty Cookie: The L.A. Bakery Sprinkling Sweetness Around New Cairo

Long cemented as a symbol of sugar, spice and everything nice (except when stolen out of the jar by some fabled crocodile), the innocent cookie gets an utter teen-movie-style makeover at this LA-sourced (Egyptian-woman-founded!) dessert spot. What used to be a plain, glasses-wearing shy cookie has just reached max potential (on cookie prom night, of course) with dishevelled hair and a hand-sewn dress (yes, we’re just describing The DUFF now).

“I had worked for Boeing for a couple of years when I realised something was missing,” Shahira Marei, Founder of Dirty Cookie, tells Scene Eats. “It wasn’t till my daughter was born that I decided to sign a 5-year lease to my first storefront when my daughter was 5 months old and that’s how Dirty Cookie was born.”

Catering to all of your sweet tooth needs, the Kardashian-approved (as in, Kim K literally posted about this) spot crafts an opulent array of the most scrumptious, immersive cookie-based desserts on the market – stuff you’d be scared of eating in a nice blouse.

Dirty Cookie is more than just a sweet piece of dessert, though. “Launching in Egypt has always been a dream of mine,” Marei continues. “An ambition of mine is to always give back to Egypt and make an impact, so opening Dirty Cookie and hiring part-time college students is just one small way of supporting that dream.”

From lotus-filled cookie shots (that means the shot ‘glass’ is an actual cookie) to cinnamon cookie butter jars (cookie spreads you can garnish, essentially) and the brand’s signature velvety ice cream; Dirty Cookie’s treats are a tenderly sweet dream come true.

You can now get your marshmallow-fluff-topped delicacies at Garden 8, New Cairo and Marassi Clubhouse, North Coast.