Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Eatery: A Fresh Approach To Food

Redefining the way we approach good food, Eatery is collaborating with Nun Center to host its first farmer's market at Cairo Festival City this weekend.

Staff Writer

Eatery: A Fresh Approach To Food

If anyone knows how to do good food, it's Egyptians. So, why aren't we actually doing it? We can do greasy foods, fattening foods, ridiculous foods, and artery-clogging foods, but why can't we do good old-fashioned healthy food? Is it a generational thing? Has our generation become so caught up in the art of being busy, and have fast-food, junk-food, and all-around-good-bad-food places capitalised on this, resulting in this strange crap-food-on-the-go culture we now live in? Pardon us, we like to get philosophical sometimes. But, seriously, isn't it about time we can go out and eat a meal that's actually healthy made from actual raw foods? Isn't it about time we learned how to pick and cook food the way our mothers did (except maybe without the additional samna)? You might think we're crazy, but Eatery definitely thinks we're on to something. Or, we just read their minds.

We've seen the health-conscious craze take over Cairo - from CrossFit and yoga to eating clean and going gluten free - but it never lasts. Crazes like this are a fad that comes and goes, leaving us right back where we started. So, now what? The folks at Eatery, a slick new spot set to open at Cairo Festival City, have clearly given this question some much-needed thought, and have opted to solve it using an old proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. We tend to apply bandaid solutions to much bigger problems - the solution isn't just to eat better or to go on a diet. According to Eatery, the solution is to provide people with the knowledge, skills, and raw materials necessary to eat well and stay healthy. Not only has this newly introduced food hub gone back to basics with their approach to food, they've also done so with the quality of their food. Eatery uses farm fresh foods to cook their Asian, Egyptian, Italian, and French cuisine. 
Healthy food is boring, though, isn't it? It doesn't need to be. Eatery is all about getting creative with the food-making process, making it an enjoyable element of everyday life and not a pill to swallow. Beyond being a restaurant, Eatery is something of a food hub, offering workshops and courses on food education, including Michelin Star Chef classes.
In line with their love of the fresh and flavourful, EATERY will be partnering with Nun Centre this Friday to host its first farmer's market at Cairo Festival City Mall from 1 - 6 PM. Join them for an afternoon of live music, local farm fresh produce, and a taste of their upcoming menu. We're already picturing the day: wandering around the market all wholesome and fresh-faced, picking up brightly coloured fruits and vegetables and holding them up to the sun, discussing tomatoes... That's what people do at farmer's markets, right? Maybe. Either way, it's about time we redefine our approach to good food; this Friday is a good place to start.
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