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New Service Delivers Ready-to-Cook Delicacies to Cairenes

From scallops, veal to imported chocolates, you can now get them delivered to your doorstep.

shrimp and steak dish

Everyone dreams about having a juicy rib-eye steak, but not everyone can afford the regular trip to that painfully expensive fancy restaurant to treat oneself. But thanks to this new Egyptian food delivery service, you can get that juicy steak for as low as EGP 200, and eat it too. The catch? You've gotta cook it yourself. 

Green Apple – marking itself as Egypt’s first premium food and beverage market – has suddenly made premium foods not only possible to purchase, but also affordable for the average Emad. Green Apple sells everything from that rib-eye steak you’ve been dreaming of, to Australian meat cuts, and imported, mouthwatering seafood.“We test the products out ourselves. If it’s local, we go and visit the factory or the farm of the supplier,” Marketing Director and Partner Ahmed Ezzat said to CairoScene. “Our meat cuts range from veal, lamb, and rib-eye steaks – things that you don’t usually find in Egypt’s market. Same goes for seafood; lobster tails, scallops, shrimps… etc.”

Green Apple wants to show people that creating a mouthwatering meal at home can be something as fun and rich as eating at a restaurant, and it's definitely easier on our strained pockets.

With their most recent activation #ICookedThisEg, Green Apple features a range of menu items cooked by some of Egypt’s finest food and health bloggers and chefs, showing users that they too can have an equally scrumptious meal at the comfort of their homes.

Their online menu also include a range of top-notch chocolates like Milka’s – but don’t go running quite yet. While we usually find these Milka bars at kiosks and convenience shops to cost over EGP 40, causing our hearts to churn, Green Apple tells us that their wholesale prices will save you from 30 to 50 percent of the costs.Placing an order with Green Apple is as easy as sending them a text via Whatsapp. They also don’t charge delivery fee.

Ezzat tells us that they will soon be launching their own e-commerce website where all products will be visible for an easy scroll-through.

Check out their foods and items on their Facebook page and Instagram page.