Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Egypt's Zööba Wins Big at London Falafel Festival

Will the real (and best) falafel please stand up?

Staff Writer

Even though the falafel war – concerning the falafel's place of origin and who makes the best variation – has been a feud as notorious as the hummus wars, we've always known that Egyptian falafel is hands down the best falafel ever. We just know. And now we don't even to have to convince anyone because the jury has spoken.

About a week ago, we announced that Zööba was representing Egypt at the London Falafel Festival. Of course they made us all very proud by winning the title of Best Falafel after having competed with Israeli, Palestinian-Lebanese, and even various English styles of preparing falafel. 

Yes, there is obviously such as thing as perfect falafel; they're supposed to be crispy on the outside and fluffy, crumbly, and not too wet with a great combination of ingredients and spices. Duh.

Photograph: Alecsandra Dragoi for the Guardian

Followed closely by Israel's Uri Dinay of Pilpel, Zööba's falafels were made with freshly ground fava beans, leeks, and spices, with a beetroot and hibiscus tahini sauce drizzled on top. Talk about fine cuisine.