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Elmenus Just Released a Study Revealing 13 Egyptian Eating Habits

Class difference, gender analysis, generational divides... No we're not talking about the causes of the 2011 Revolution, it's Elmenus 2016 review of our eating habits!

Elmenus released their year in review for 2016. From price forecasts for 2019, based on the massive price increases of 2016, to the hottest trends in Egypt’s cuisine. Find out all you need to know about Egypt’s food landscape in 13 pictures.

A Study in Kebda

Elmenus did a price analysis of Kebda, assuming that prices will rise as much as they did this year into the future. Hopefully not! While inflation does remain high, Egypt’s Consumer Price Index is not expected to increase at the same rate as 2016, according to Trading Economics. The flotation of the Egyptian Pound, the stripping away of many subsidies, and the lack of cheap local alternatives are unique to 2016. EGP 100 for two Kebda sandwiches? In the words of Macklemore, that some ignorant b#$ch sh@t. 

The Most Expensive Item

If you’re so rich that you’ve forgotten what kebda is, this chart might be more your speed. If you’ve even noticed price increases as you swim in your piles of money, you’ll have noticed that your daily lobster and Fillet Mignon has doubled in price due to the high cost of imports.

Where We Are Going 

Due to increased regulations and customs, restaurants have shifted to serving food with Egyptian produce and ingredients to avoid expensive imports. This has also led to 2016 witnessing the highest number of Egyptian restaurant opening since 2011. So, before you complain about not being able to find your organic, gluten-free caviar from Switzerland or the coasts of Zanzibar or whatever, just remember that all the great new places opening up are because Egypt doesn't have to waste money on importing your expensive crap.

Who Won 2016??

Some restaurant categories did better than others. Comparing month over month change, hotel and fine-dining have been marketing extensively in 2016 compared to previous years. We guess they can't depend on their usual clientele to make ends meet. Following fancy-shmancy dining were the people's favourites like pasta, koshary, Turkish doner, and seafood. Latin American, and speciality cuisine join shisha bars at the bottom of the barrel; showing the steepest decline in 2016.

Most Popular by City

Operating in 9 cities across Egypt, Elmenus found that the consumers of Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharm El Sheikh all are obsessed with burgers. Ras Sudr and the North Coast also show a penchant for fast food and pizza. Gouna searched most for nightlife outlets, European, and Asian cuisine. Mansoura preferred the civilised route of sit-down dining.

Rise of 2016's New Cravings

While fast food dominated 2016, it also saw the rise of the Egyptian alternative where kebda, feteer, and shawarma showed a major increase. 

The Age Old Battle; What Men/Women Want? 

Elmenus also did a gender analysis of preference. Women were found to have a more expensive tooth than men, following their wallets. It's good to know why we never agree with the opposite sex’s restaurant preference.

The Generational Gap is Real!

As expected, the young eat junk and the old have refined taste. Youth prefer crepes, waffles, ice-cream, coffee, and shawarma. The older generation go for Italian, seafood, and old-school oriental.

2016’s Newest Breakout Restaurants

Who was the year's hottest choice? Chick Shack filled a major gap in Zamalek for both healthy and tasty grilled chicken. Alexandria’s Brew and Chew landed in Maadi, but saw people from all over Cairo come for their latest chocolate creations. Abou El Sid opened their little El Sid, adding a twist to famous Egyptian dishes. Alexandria’s Broest had the country’s best fried chicken and Country Hills did American food better than most American chains with real deep-dish Chicago pizza, juicy burgers, and steaks. Pastaweesy also continued their climb to pasta domination by opening in Alexandria this year, they already have taken over the neighbourhood.

NSFW Food Picture Gallery of the Best Food Porn Pictures Taken by Egyptians Before they Eat

...excuse us as we peel our carrot.

Users' Top Pick for 2016??

Annnnd the winner is... Mo Bistro which has been rated by more than 1/3 of users as 2016's top discovery. Maadi’s Kazlak was rated a true hidden gem as “brilliant but totally underrated”.


It came down to burger pizza and ice-cream rolls as the most loved invention of 2016; obviously ice cream beats pizza. When asked what the people wanted, the people demanded cheese, cheese, and more cheese... I mean, after the pasta inside a cheese wheel was announced, how much more cheese do you need?


If money or calories had no bearing one's choices, most users report that they would want to eat sushi and pizza everyday. The strangest food tried in 2016? Brew and Chew’s Chocolate stuffed Burger?? We guess we'll try anything once.