Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Falling for Fettuccine: These are Our Favourite Pasta Dishes on Botit

Because sometimes late night cravings that hit on the couch call for pasta…

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Falling for Fettuccine: These are Our Favourite Pasta Dishes on Botit

If there is one universal truth in life, it is that we all love our carb-loaded comfort foods. And while we have plenty of love for a juicy burger or fluffy sandwich, some days nothing quite hits the spot like a hearty, saucy pasta dish. Whether you're working from home and need an extra dose of cosiness, or just want a warm meal on a lazy Saturday, these Italian (well, mostly, as you’ll soon discover) spots will have all your pasta cravings covered for delivery on the Botit app.

From classic penne to more adventurous pastas, this list has you set for any pasta mood, available for instant delivery on the Botit app (available for download on iOS). Oh and, we almost forgot…calories don’t exist. Wink wink.

The Spot: O’s Pasta

The Pasta: Basil Penne a l’Arabiatta

A classic pasta dish you can’t go wrong with, O’s Pasta’s Basil Penne a l’Arabiatta is the perfect meal to-go this winter. With fresh tomato, crushed garlic, and chopped basil, you’ll be getting all that warmth you’ve been craving.

The Spot: Maison Thomas

The Pasta: Fettuccine Ragu

While at face value a Fettuccine Ragu may not seem so different from a pasta Arrabiata, we would argue that they couldn’t be more different. Drowning in minced beef salsa, Maison Thomas’ Fettuccine Ragu will have you living the Italian dream from the comfort of your living room sofa.

The Spot: Blaze

The Pasta: Grilled Chicken Alfredo

There’s no pasta that feels like childhood dinner outings with the family quite like a Grilled Chicken Alfredo. Served up with a generous side of grilled chicken and cooked in a fresh creamy sauce, Blaze’s signature pasta dish just drips nostalgia.

The Spot: Made in Health

The Pasta: Mari e Monti Pasta

Literally translating to ‘the sea and mountain pasta’, this hearty and wholesome carbed-up dish sees chicken and seafood playing tag. The winner? Your taste buds.

The Spot: Numa

The Pasta: Classic Lasagna

Let’s be real, a classic lasagna needs no introduction, it's a familiar friend, one who - even though you might go months without seeing - you know is always there for you at the end of the day. Oh, and it’s Garfield’s favourite food. Need we say more?

The Spot: Lokali

The Pasta: Salmon Steak Pasta

You know those times the midnight cravings get way too specific? Yeah, for those, we’d prescribe Lokali’s not-so-guilty pleasure zesty and herbal Salmon Steak Pasta. Served up with 150 gms of smoked salmon, this pasta is both hearty and hella delish.

The Spot: Carmel

The Pasta: Shrimp Havana

A hit from the Maadi culinary hotspot, Carmel, the Shrimp Havana pasta is a seafood lover’s dream. Fettuccine intertwined with a creamy sauce dotted with bits of shrimp and broccoli, this pasta dish will have you out of bed and on a sailboat to Italy.

The Spot: Chicken & Ribs

The Pasta: Mac N Cheese

Not quite Italian…actually, not Italian at all. We simply couldn’t have a list of the best pastas without at least sneaking one Mac N Cheese in there somewhere, and what better place than Chicken & Ribs?